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Can anyone give me some info on local groups in Louisiana?

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Local groups of what? There is a multitude of different types of pagan, witches, and magical practitioners.

If there are any metaphysical books stores in your area you might want to check out their bulletin board and inquire with the staff, they'll often know about the local pagan scene. You can also check places like witchvox or meet-up for types of local pagan groups. 

I'm sry I should've been more specific i m interested in wicca and druidism.

In case there aren't responses here from others in your general area, the aforementioned places would still be places to check. Another possibility might be to check this site's groups section to see if there is one for people in your area. 

OK thanks blessed be!

even if the groups are not active there is still info available. and definitely witchvox and do a search on the site . 


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