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So I'm trying to continue my research of the Germanic gods, to get the best understanding of them that I can, but it isn't always easy because of missing or cryptic information. It's surprisingly hard to find information on this on the internet, so I'm going to reference wikipedia for now.
In the lore, Loki is supposed to have 2 brothers, Helblindi and Býleistr. The problem is, this is the only information given in the legends and everyone assumes they, like Loki, are the children of Laufey and Fárbauti. This may be the case, but if one were to take the information about his brothers as more symbolic than concrete, then could they be nicknames for Odin and Thor?
According to almighty information god Wikipedia:
Helblindi can mean "Hel-blinder," "All-blind," or "Death-defier." All three of these could fit Odin. He cast Hel out, he sacrificed an eye, and he defied death. At one point in the lore, Odin is referred to as "Helblindi."
Býleistr means "calming-lightning." Even without the calming part, Thor has an association with lightning.
And the two figures Loki is most associated with in the lore are Odin and Thor.
I'm just speculating, because the Scandinavians apparently loved to keep things cryptic and symbolic.
So, what are your thoughts?

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Thanks for your reply, Nephele.

On another site, someone mentioned finding a little more information on Helblindi and Býleistr in some Swedish texts, but she didn't give any titles. Anyone know what texts she may be referring to? All I have to go on is Swedish, Helblindi, and Býleistr.

Thank you, Nephele; I'll check those out. And Happy New Year.

You could be on to something - however my understanding of Norse lore is that Thor is traditionally Odin's son, not his brother. The germanic lore you seem to be speaking of was integrated into the more modern Norse lore so you might look into that as well.

I know Thor is his son, but I was referring to the relationship both of them had with Loki. Loki and Odin became blood brothers and Loki's very often Thor's travelling companion. So like I said, I'm looking at it from a very symbolic point of view.
Though on another site, someone told me that if I can manage to read some texts written in the Scandinavian languages, I'll see evidence that the names in the specific text I was referring to do not mean the Aesir, but actual brothers of Loki's that are not mentioned elsewhere. So in other words, two more figures we have only fragments of information on.
Seems I have a lot of work to do in the future.
Happy New Year.

I apologize..I misunderstood.... I don't think I have read about Loki and Odin becoming blood brothers.... Interesting. It has been a long time since I have dealved into Loki's realm. My grandmother is Norwegian so it was the first mythology I became familiar with but more recently I was called by Athena, and certain situations I have been asked to help with have led me to seeking the Greek deities. Although I did name my dog Loki when we got him 5 years ago. It was after Loki's playful side... My pup just screams mischief lol! Happy New Year to you as well.


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