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Let me begin by stating that I am a Greek pagan. I've heard people for and against this trickster and I'd like to hear from the Asatru why Loki shouldn't be worshipped. I want to learn and I will be sitting on the sidelines this time. I haven't heard any concrete arguments so far, but I'd still like to hear from the Norse community.

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What were some of their arguments?

As asatruar and Odian, I do not say you shouldn`t worship Loki. I say worship "anyone", anything, anytime.

Whatever direction, path, deity, pantheon suits you and you are comfortable with is not for anyone to decide but the individuals own. As for me, as Erulian I do not worship Odhinn or any deity. I seek to emulate a pattern of self-transformation. And I honor our anscestors and the Norse Pantheon as they did....That includes Loki! Sorry for you or your friends getting shit from "so called" asatru. This we get at times I guess from uneducated people who might think to study and live by what they claim to be/practice....Abundant blessings ALL! N/N


I was asking because I have heard the same as you just said from other Asatru. I have never heard of any direct problem just with Loki.

I have also heard the problems that Asatru have with Wiccans trying to emulate Asatru and somehow thinking that both beliefs are intertwined.

Again, though, nothing with Loki.

There are two main "problems" with Loki.  Or at least they are often viewed as such.


1) he's rather unpredictable and thus is seen as untrustworthy.


2) he's going to be battling against the gods come Ragnorok.  This too is seen as a problem by some.


Many also assume (and yes, we all know the line about assume) that these "flaws" are shared with his adherents.  Some even take the tact of the best defence is a good offence and will have a proactive go at someone BEFORE they can show their intent as a person.

That actually makes a lot of sense, thank you.


As I said, I had actually never heard anything negative about Loki from the locals I have talked to, but then again I have never declared a spiritual alignment with Loki either. 


Not that I see anything wrong with Loki whatsoever. In my very personal view, he's necessary and so are those that share traits with him.


My opinion doesn't count for those she speaks of though, unfortunately.

Glad to help.


I have no problem with Loki either.  I just don't take him for granted.  If he shows up (for whatever reason) I pay attention and stand ready to run for cover ~_^

I don't know if I will add perspective to this conversation or muddle it. It is simply my intent to give a different perspective you may not be seeing.


As an Erisian Discordian, I do not worship Eris.  I revere and respect her, but not worship. She is more of a gestalt through which I can (but not by any means always) view the world. 


My operational definitions:


Worship (from wikipedia):

Worship is an act of religious devotion usually directed towards a deity. The word is derived from the Old English worthscipe, meaning worthiness or worth-ship — to give, at its simplest, worth to something, for example, Christian worship.[1]


In other words, worship is tied to the idea of both self-worth and an inherent moral standard.  To fail in worship is to be considered unworthy.  What's more, it's also unfair on the "critter"/diety.  IT has to live up to a certain standard to retain the love and devotion of the supplicants.


NOT what you call a personal relationship.


Reverence(attitiude) from wikipedia (yes it goes to deference, but the result is the same.)


Reverence (emotion) from wikipedia.


Respect...again from wiki.


Do you see the difference?


Imagine, if you will, a deity who believes the other deities in his grouping are fucktards. This deity is able to put the lie to all of their noble deeds or at least lay open the doubt as to any kind of altruism on their part. Often this critter is rejected by the community by the others (fairly or unfairly depending on perspective).  This outcast usually has no-self illusions about either their own actions, but that doesn't mean they don't have an ego.:D  Far from it. 


Thus, in the kind of co-dependent style or relationship worship entails, can you really see Loki or a similar trickster type god being willing to chain themselves in such a way? Or wanting to attract followers of a mind bent to the perspective of worship?


"I would never join a club that would have me as a member, let alone it's president."


It's not exactly a relationship between equals, but it's more honest.  It also begs the question whether those who work with Lwa and Goe really "worship" them. Or fey for that matter. You make space for them, give them gifts (but gifts without intent), and don't try and force them into a collar.


Not exactly a qualified Lokian or Asartu perspective, but I hope that helps.





Well met C I
tips hat politley and winks
My friend Aikaterine made this post for me, and your comment really helped a lot. Thank you a lot. :)

We do not worship the Lwa, we worship GOD.


(might surprise you to find out we're monotheists. ;)


We serve the lwa, and in turn they serve us... but that's not worship.


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