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Hey all,

I haven't been on in a while, but today I was thinking I'd like to see the pagan name anagrams that Nephele did up for me last year. I can't seem to find the post anywhere, did it get deleted? Is Nephele still around?

Thank you!

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Nephele and the post in question are both deleted. 

Let me reword that properly :

Nephele deleted her account when she got tired of

the white supremacist bullshit she saw occurring on

this site and decided her time was better spent elsewhere...

It was sad to see her go from here , as she put a huge

amount of effort , time , and love into supporting this site

and with her energy gave the gift of names to many , many ,

over the years , but it is nice to still know where she has gone...

I don't think she kept all those records , Laurence , but is

there a question about a name she gave you ?

Perhaps I can get it to her...;)

I hate white racists as well , but I stayed to fight the good

fight here , when needed , as well I have always liked and

been faithful to this site...;)

I post this info about Nephele , to tell the truth of a good soul ,

who was a long time member here...she deserves at least that !

White supremacists? Holy shit... Looks like I missed a lot during my hiatus. I don't blame her one bit, that kind of thing makes me sick and sad. :( 

I didn't need the names for anything important. I just really liked the ones she came up with and wanted to write them down. I hope she's feeling better wherever she is!

They don't moderate; political nonsense and questionable material runs wild; the site loses good people as a result.

Not quite; the moderators/admins will within 24 hours typically ban anyone who deviates from the rules by a few too many magnitudes. This was seen recently with 'Raven Blackwolf' or some such, a few weeks previous.

In any event, Sin Jones is a particularly welcome moderator - something that is refreshing compared to what is often seen on numerous other sites nowadays, that are far less consistent, and seem to ban people on a basis of arbitrary whim, or political bias. 

Got it wrong again , as I would expect

from you , being one of the ones I am

referring to , "O great white Snowflake" ;

The person banned was Ravenheart...

Do not mix Blackwolf , my name , purposefully ,

with hers...that is not only disrespectful , yet

shows your need to denigrate others , just

like our lying , bullying press - i - dent in the

head , false news fool in office...

And do not claim innocence , or claim bad memory...

We both know who and what you are...and how I

keep countering your bullshit here and on another

site , under the name Sloan777...

This is exactly the type of person , I was referring to Laurence...

Someone definitely not left , but , in my opinion , not

right in the head either...but of course , that is only an

opinion...we all have them...;)

It is certainly true that many of the lefties that once frequented the site, had been made to feel uncomfortable at one time, due to coming up against evidence that could not be refuted from the conviction of feelings alone. The details escape me, but I believe it was something or other related to hate-facts and the lack of safe spaces to protect them from said hate-facts.

In any event, some simply responded to this uncomfortable change of atmosphere by leaving. Such be one reason why the site isn't quite as active as it was even half a year back.

Here's a fact , @ Snowflake :

"Lefties"; I don't like slapping labels on groups of people which are known for being disorganized; this is especially invalid when people try to pigeon hole others based on one or two things that they have expressed; consider your name as an example: whenever I hear someone call someone else a "snowflake" or "cupcake" I assume a set of traits that have a lot to do with regurgitating nonsense from talk radio; pagans as a whole couldn't afford to put too much stock in those sentiments because they wouldn't have the freedom to label themselves with a million little nuanced classifications while simultaneously (and adamantly) expressing their own hatred of labels. Moderation doesn't necessarily mean strict adherence to the duty of enforcing the letter of the "law", but not it's spirit. Banning political discussion on a site, when that site isn't related to political discussion, would be welcome to most; most of the problems would simply vanish as would two-thirds of the forum posts which would reduce the amount of content available on this site: that is the true crux of the issue.

Said well , Coyote...;)

And again , I have always loved this site and it's

open door to different , and sometimes extreme

viewpoints , though not always individual posters...

I am sure many have felt the same , or still do regarding me...;)

Look at the original post: a person looking to get an anagrammed name; now look at where we have ended up. The fact that this should have been a short Q&A about Nephele, and we are now talking about opinions and political "expression" is the reason that I think a lot of people are too sensitive to discuss the issues.

I know this Snowflake ( Sloan777 ) from another site ;

That is why the thread turned in this direction...

I know this person's underlying intent...prejudice


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