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looking for information on sumerian/babylonian demons and gods


I have not been on PS in quite a while. I've been a practicing Pagan for 15+ years, and have never dealt with demons or gods etc. Recently, odd things have started happening. Losing short spurts of time only to awake light headed and confused, then check my phone and somethibg is trying to communicate through it. I cannot identify or translate the language which is Қазақша. Names that have been mentioned are Lucifer, Lucy, Lilly, Lillith, Kali, Hecate, Ishtar and Nephthys.... I could really use some help considering I've been scowering the internet fir information, thus I really don't know what to look for. I'd like to make this stop if possible! Please help!

Bright Blessings,


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try sacred text its free.


There is this Sumerian thing:

Babylonian version:

Kali is Hindu. Lucifer is Roman/Christian. Lilith is Babylonian/Jewish, but is not a *god* in the pantheon. Hecate is Greek and Nephtys is Egyptian. Ishtar however, is Babylonian.

I've noticed they are from different pantheons.... I am very adept in Egyptian, Greek, Roman pantheons and I also know that demons or whatever like to lie and play games ... I've been a practicing Pagan for 15 years .... never dealt with something this strange ... they liteally communicate through our cell phones while phones are in front of us. (My Fiancée and I). They are using the language I mentioned and when I translate each letter myself to english its very disturbing. I will definitely be checking out these links. I'd show you scteenshots of this - just don't want to post it publicly its kinda creepy and um sexual ...

Thanks Lillirin!

I've worked with most you have named. So if you have any questions, hit me up.

You need to study Lilith

One thing that has occurred to me over the years, is when you have a Sumerian spiritual problem, you need a Sumerian spiritual solution, for anyone who happens to be so unfortunate. It may require a paradigm shift of some sort.

That is because 99% of demons in Mesopotamia are sent out by gods on people. Lamashtu being an exception.

You know you're absolutely right about that, and not only that, but Lamashtu cannot be banished. So whomever comes into contact with this has to figure out a way to "bargain with Her", rather than fighting Her, which quite frankly, is not going to work. It's not a game for feeble minded fear mongers.

She tends to choose, It's just the way the Dark Universe works, being that there is no other universe, there is not much to gain in trying to rationalize it in a negative sense. Those who come into Her favor are well rewarded, and those whom She despises will regret it.

And that will be up to the "chosen one". 

Or summon Pazuzu.

H ah ha, that reminds me of the movie Exorcist series, which I have both. The Heretic is really good, and a different spin from the first movie. But the interesting thing about Pazuzu is that this is portrayed rather accurately in the movie series, as far as the historical existence of this being. The existence of Pazuzu in Sumerian mythos is probably is taken by people who see this movie as something fictional. The "possession" aspect of it is pretty far fetched, as far as "possession" goes.

But Pazuzu was the real deal, no doubt about that. I also have this theory that curses launched 5000 years ago by the Sumerians are still in effect in the Middle East today. Followers of Islam being cursed by their ancient ancestors.

Idk, I attribute the Mid East's problems to a lot of other things such as the evil eye and other concepts I have. I don't think curses last quite that long unless you make them last.

I would make an exception for the ancient Sumerians and the Egyptians


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