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looking for information on sumerian/babylonian demons and gods


I have not been on PS in quite a while. I've been a practicing Pagan for 15+ years, and have never dealt with demons or gods etc. Recently, odd things have started happening. Losing short spurts of time only to awake light headed and confused, then check my phone and somethibg is trying to communicate through it. I cannot identify or translate the language which is Қазақша. Names that have been mentioned are Lucifer, Lucy, Lilly, Lillith, Kali, Hecate, Ishtar and Nephthys.... I could really use some help considering I've been scowering the internet fir information, thus I really don't know what to look for. I'd like to make this stop if possible! Please help!

Bright Blessings,


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Hey,Amethyst :)

I have some experience with an Assyrian spirit,but I confess that I know very little about the subject of Assyrian/Sumerian/Babylonian. I would suggest the beginning source The Epic of Gilgamesh is a good place to look.

Other pieces of reading for Lilith is Jewish Zohar.

Good luck and many blesses.
I am sure that I can help, more info would be helpful. The names you talked about , to me, I would interpret this was done to confuse you. It may be something playful, or something of dark intent. But as I said to determine this,more information is needed. But I can help.
Communication with or from spirits,follows patterns,sometimes rules apply sometimes not so much. Unsolicited communication never has rules of conduct unless the living impose them on the spirit. Always every spirit is always strong enough the gleem information that could from our minds. That could explain the words,responces you got. All spirits gain strength from us,while we speak to them,the contact draws energy our of us,unless you know how to cyphon and store energy for spirit use. That could explain your lost moments. I have more to add,this method of communication is difficult for me. Try to add more later,or we could try the other method,.

lets make something a little clear.  a phone is a physical device with a connection .. if you are getting something through your phone.. it is actual.. so SOMEONE physical is MESSING with you.

Imagination is a wonderful thing but also can be a leading astray.

sounds as if you are trying to convince yourself of something.

if you are losing spurts of time and light headed and confused check your diet.  go see a doctor and have a check up to rule out physical issues.

do you take medications?  has this happened before?  has stuff in your life changed?  how is your stress?

where do these messages on your phone come from?  what you were saying is that they are from your boyfriend?   to be honest it sounds as if he is messing with your head...

go out .. ground .. center.. do something that centers or relaxes you... THEN look at it again.

sounds like you are off kilter... 

I'm kinda curious what they have been sending you. It might just be a malicious spirit who is pretending to be a "demon" too, don't forget. If you truly feel threatened, but up your shields and call in your guides. If you work with angels, call up on them (though everyone has guardian angels but some pagans are iffy with the angels).

Dont sleep with the lights off, sing your favorite song when u start getting scared... They can only mess with you if you give them your attention. ... Attention is like bait on the spirit side... Be strong and be a master of yout own intent and attention. Do not be a prey

The following books may interest you:   

Sebitti: Mesopotamian Magick & Demonology

by Michael W. Ford
Luciferian  Witchcraft by Michael W. Ford

That's a very good suggestion, there, Phillip

It sounds like you've attracted the attention of something nasty, perhaps on the astral plane or your crystal work. The best way as far as I know from second hand experience of others, is to use humour or call on an angel such as the archangel michael, and just ask for his protection. This usually does the trick depending on how long this has been going on for. From your profile picture your very attractive, and it's not uncommon for young beautiful women to be plague by such entities in folklore, as you're a sexual magnet, with powerful inherent energies that you have to be careful with, abiding by the rules of the magic circle or bower you employ as part of your praxis.

I’m a little confused. Are you wanting to banish it, or make contact with it? If you want to banish it, there are a lot of banishing rituals available in books and on the Internet, and there’s always Dion Fortune’s classic Psychic Self-Defense. You don’t have to know who it is to banish it. However, if you want to make contact, you should know that not every entity out there is known or “named” in the way we think of naming. If you want a name for it, just ask it. Even if it’s not friendly there’s an old exorcist’s experiential rule that if you ask, it will tell you who it is. Of course, its never a “one true name” which isn’t something you could say or write down anyway, but it would give you a hint as to what you’re dealing with.


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