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I'm assisting Merlin Hawke in Looking for the Dutchess. There is a
65 yr old sweet woman that lives in the Bible belt and she just came out and is looking for someone she can identify with that won't rip her off. She Has been taken advantage of online. Both Merlin and myself consider her a surrogate mom, we need some one to treat her with the Same level of love that we have for her. Please help.

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Both Merlin and myself consider her a surrogate mom, we need some one to treat her with the Same level of love that we have for her. Please help.

I don't know who you are or anything about you.  Sorry, but your request sounds like it would require giving you my personal contact information, and I don't do that with strangers.

How about you tell us more about what this is all about?

That seems to happen a lot.  *sigh*

More information is needed on this topic to enable any readers to fully understand it.
For example, who is this Dutchess, where is she the Dutchess of? (I mean which Dukedome) why are you looking for her? Is it because she owes you money from unpaid gambling debts? She just came out as what?

Karen, you've just made this topic 100% more interesting.


1.  Who is this Dutchess?


Famke Janssen.  She's female and she's Dutch, which makes her a "Dutchess."  Only a Duchess has a Dukedom.


2.  Why are you looking for her?


I liked your gambling debts theory.  But I'll guess that Markus and his friend Merlin are fans and  stalkers.  Famke's had to hire a bodyguard on account of them.


3.  She just came out as what?


As somebody who'd been lying about her age.  Famke really is 65 years old, not 52.  She looks pretty good, for a closet sexagenarian.  No wonder she's got stalkers like Markus and Merlin.

Durrrr Hur Hurrrr

The proper terminology would be Dorkess...

And if anyone gave her too much shit , she

would be a Dorkess Dom...

( kneel , knave )

@ Nephele. Ah-ha, it's all in the spelling. I must admit I overlooked the "T". Your answer to this makes sense and made me laugh too.
I see now that Markus and his mate probably have a shrine to this woman in their basement. At its centre is an inflatable doll made in her image which they hope to replace with the real thing.
I could hook her up with the Earl of Asstonia, its a tiny country it's got a wide valley running through it.

Funny the Dutchess is a code name for a bad conversation here in upstate new York.

Could be coincidence though.  .. Right  :)

HOt and hilarious.. LOL

Regarding the Dutchess , as a code name for a bad conversation...

I knew what a kiss was...

I knew what a French kiss was...

But when I asked someone what a Dutch kiss was...

They said it was when you visited the Nether Lands...

( hides in corner , waiting for the sh@#storm )...;)

Ha!  Reminds me of "Roman hands" and "Russian fingers."


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