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I'm assisting Merlin Hawke in Looking for the Dutchess. There is a
65 yr old sweet woman that lives in the Bible belt and she just came out and is looking for someone she can identify with that won't rip her off. She Has been taken advantage of online. Both Merlin and myself consider her a surrogate mom, we need some one to treat her with the Same level of love that we have for her. Please help.

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Funny the Dutchess is a code name for a bad conversation here in upstate new York.

Could be coincidence though.  .. Right  :)

Astute observation. You win Paganspace for today.

HOt and hilarious.. LOL

Regarding the Dutchess , as a code name for a bad conversation...

I knew what a kiss was...

I knew what a French kiss was...

But when I asked someone what a Dutch kiss was...

They said it was when you visited the Nether Lands...

( hides in corner , waiting for the sh@#storm )...;)

Ha!  Reminds me of "Roman hands" and "Russian fingers."


Black Fox sends his regards. I assume you have the cargo. Stone Man is beginning to get suspicious. I will be sending the coordinates as soon as I reach a secure location.

A marvelous mysterious mystery on Pagan Space!?!

Oh, be still my beating heart - this is going to require changing the oil in the Dodge Caravan mystery van; and road trip food!

Now, what do we know so far?

This so called Dutchess has just come out living in the bible belt, is a sweet 65, she's considered by both Marcus and Merlin to be a surrogate mom; and she's been ripped off on line.

I better start the van before I run the computations, I know there must be an algorithm that'll crack this wide open.

Hmmmm, seems like a distinct possibility of transgender Japanese Ninja involvement.

Oh wait, nope; that just a napkin from the sushi dinner - my bad.

Still, as a side tangent - that transgender sushi house in town is the bomb!

Looks like I may have to bring out,


They'll never find me , when I'm slumming...

Magic Eight Ball , corner pocket...

Image result for magic eight ball corner pocket

If this needed any sauce, only awesome sauce would do.


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