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Anybody picked up a copy of Graham Hancock's new book "Magicians of the Gods: The Forgotten Wisdom of Earth's Lost Civilization"?

I have a copy and it looks interesting.

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Nice choice too Enigma:)

Nice track to end with Shawn and a great testimony to a great man:)

Shawns eloquent dedication reflects the Gentleman spirit in him and obvious to those who engage with him, a great Eulogy Shawn for Prof Hawking.

I can but say a small farewell, that being, the world has lost a great man and a great mind, Prof Hawkings courage in adversity when faced with a brain locked ina failed body certainly shows him to be a `man of the times`, for without technology, sadly his life could have been resigned to a lonely and non productive existence, whereas the `new ` technology off the age allowed him to soar from a broken body, and not just take himself, but mankind on the trip of a lifetime in astrophysics, he will be sadly missed.

To be blind and deaf and unable to communicate is an awful thing to come into this world with, but to have your communicative ability stolen from you at an early age is an awful  curse, your fortitude in remaining steadfast and exploring the depths of your mind that engaged with the Universe where others could not marks you out to be one of the `special ones`.

May the places that you visit on your journey freed from a restricted bodily  cell, bring you great  adventures, and union with that which is all, and all that is.

RIP Prof Hawking.

Very nice eulogy Who.

Interesting articles Dave

Thanks for taking time to post n share those articles Dave.

Snaps and claps and bows. 

I do believe "god" likes to roll the dice.

Ya, I was pleasantly surprised by the Hawking link. a lot of good info there, Hawking was truly an amazing character. I have a copy of  "A Briefer History of Time", It's the only Hawking book I own, I carry it with me every where I go. Also have and highly recommend his video "Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking".

One interesting comment Hawking made was "There is no such thing as perfection", a crazy but true idea.


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