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My mothers yard is very boring grass that does not evenly cover all the soil and its two different kinds all haphazardly populated.

I want a beautiful garden that will attract the fair folk and be the kind I always wanted with a celtic knot pentacle hedge and lots of colourful flowers. so far I planted some English yew trees,catnip,and a red climbing rose seedling, I want scotch heather and alot more roses in red,yellow,purple and black but other than white cosmos I can't think of any more flower Ideas, I also will build a small pond with a small version of a muntain waterfall when its all done.

can anyone suggest any flowers that would look good?

My idea for it came from my idea of the perfect place to live. A beautiful forest clearing that leads to a pond that pixies gly over that has a mountain waterfall falling into the natural red clay pond basin and beautiful flowers all around in this ideal place created by my imagination I would live inside a huge tree hollowed out inside and lookibg like the most comfortable home in the world, the tree would still be alive and growing around my home and I would be in harmony with all of nature.

I am in essence trying to bring into form a small version of the place I can only daydream about now.

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I know many fairykin

Traditional English gardens often contain the following; foxglove, lupine, delphinium, and acanthus (bears breeches). You might want to check for winter hardiness for your growing zone. Some very reliable and hardy flowering indigenous plants include; echinacea , liatris , shasta daisys and black eyed susan.

thanks for the suggestions
what is "lupine" I know it means pertaining to a wolf, is it similar to yellow aconite also called Wolfbane or monkshood?

Marigolds and hibiscus would look nice. Your house is in the South now, right? You left Salem for Florida?

Bats would like to share that big hollowed out tree with you. :)

Azaleas, bogainvilias, and Mexican heather do well in the South also.

Periwinckles hold up good in the South.

Begonias hold up well in the South.

I can't say if I'm right, but some of what I would include:

Rose - for William Blake's fairy funeral, the body was carried on a rose petal

Indian Paintbrush - a brilliant flower species native to America

Lavender - has lots of uses

Sage - also has a great many uses

I saw a nice faerie garden today. A lady was outside and I wanted to stop and compliment her on the garden but I was afraid I might scare her.

There is a fairly large greenspace going into my rural area and its full of circular patterns. We have a lot of wicca, pagan, panistic folks around here. Hopefully some fairies will move in!

That's sounds so peaceful and beautiful.

Faeraes love to have an 'Housing' Community - there are two versions in my garden

- One is to the 'wilde' side (The Un-Seelie Court) - accessed through the Mandrake; Evening Primrose; Lavender; Bluebells and Snowdrops (late winter 1st Spring); Abbots-wood Cinquefoil, Lilac and Red-currants; Indian Strawberries.....etc.
It houses the 'Wee Folks Bone-yard' - small miniature Gravestones, dancing Skeletons, tiny Pumpkins, cheeky Ghosts...and Black cats, amongst scattered broken pottery; Wishing Well; Toad catching Rain-pot, and menagerie of Mischief's...

- The Other is to the 'Seelie' Court - the more Sophisticated side....and here there is a Bird Bath with a Frog Guardian - hidden beneath are Gnomes, watching the Sun rise every day.

Lots of small houses scattered (Thrift store - browse in the toy section - many an item can be found for the little Folk to be attracted too!); discarded eccentric 'Bird' Houses make excellent Faerae dwellings - toy animals and small ornaments.

The ground is 2/3rds covered with Creeping Phlox; there is a climbing Vine of Woody Nightshade that curls around a large tree stump. On top of the tree stump is a Castle, at the base of the stump is the Castle keep.....the Vine is like a Cobweb - hiding both - as in the myth of Sleeping Beauty...

Surrounding the tree stump are the Three Fates dancing.....

On another smaller tree stump, which is surrounded by miniature evergreen, is the Forestry for the Elves....small wild animals roam.......

At it's South facing base, is a Waterfall, with Bears playing; Geese hang around, and a Donkey is watchfully looking at the Leprechaun....who is Keeper of the Well, and Hidden Treasures within....

At the North base of this, is the Stables and all the Faerae Horses, with its stable boy in charge...and centered is a tall Bird Feeder with Watcher at the corners, coiling about it is a climbing Rose...

Opposite the Stable is the dwelling of the Three Pigs - Father, Mother and teenager, they have a Cat curled at their door, and a Rooster on a rock nearby - watching..  Close by is a Path that leads in to the center, guarded by Toad....with a Watering Can....

On the opposite side of the Bird Table is a couple more houses, one belongs to the Three Bears - Mother and Father are outside on the swing, baby is tucked safely inside.....

Wild Harebells, and Lamb's Ears fill in as background drops....creating a protective wall behind the houses...


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