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How do you feel about making your own ritual tools vs. buying them?  Have you made your own tools, and if so, what were they?  Do you love to buy your tools instead?  Why?

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Depends on the tool . I have not the equipment nor knowledge to forge steel so my athame was purchased . My wands have all been crafted by my own hand and some other alter items have been as well .


Some stuff I can make and craft others I can not .

Thank you.  I've made several wands of different woods for different purposes, a pentacle of wood, and candles for spell work.  I appreciate your response.  Purchasing tools isn't a bad thing, of course.  Some times it's the epitome of Kismet!

Not a blacksmith - how do you expect me to make that ritual knife!?


I let the professionals work their own magic. Cloth stuff however? I have that handled. Never paid for an altar cloth, anointing cloth or w/e else. I also paint my own stuff....

Very cool.  I don't make knives either.  One of my students is an artist and she designs altar cloths and has the material printed from an on-line service.  Wish I had pics.
I like to buy stuff, too.  How do you make your scrying mirrors?
I've been making bronze daggers in the past but I no longer have access to a suitable furnace, I'm currently making a pair of Gundlingen swords for medieval re-enactment. Candle holders in raku clay and pit fired are also a regular thing. I also made deity figures for a coven in Briabane, Australia where I lived.
I agree its absolutely beautiful work!
OK, I'm drooling over your Cernnunos statue.  Drooling.  My husband's Patron is Cernnunos.  Any chance of getting one of those?  We'll pay in good cash or slave children (kidding, of course.  Just cash.).
I no longer have the facilities but I am working towards getting there, cernunos has been on coven duties for 19 years now. His partner is below.
Gorgeous!  Thank you for sharing.
If it's singing to me, yes I will buy it.  Sometimes it's only temporary.  After I use it, I could tell it needs new owner and I already know who it needs to go to.  Some tools I kept for life.  The only thing I had made is a pentagram from an old clay dish that was used to catch water from a potted plant.  It works well vs the one I had purchased from online.  The one I had purchased online now is an icon on my counter space in the dinning area sitting against a three wick candle.  It's still beautiful.  Also I have made several scrying mirror.  Worked well on the first divination and then I gave it away to who I felt should belong to.


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