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Mall ghosts and me - a continuing diary of my experiences in the local mall

Hey its me again, its been a terrible month or so - being back in college and having a really nasty counterfeit spirit ( calling itself PAN again ) I feel sorry for the real demon. Its basically leaving black energy all over the house. I left for several days to go to THanksgiving at my moms - shes a staunch Christian and there was still black stuff all over the house when I got home.

 But I diverge- I wanted to tell you guys about the local mall - I go there every Tuesday and Thursday around 4:15 to get on the bus to go home. I have hung out in the mall several times and there is all sorts of strangeness there - The light feels weird, I feel like swimming sensation in my head like something is trying to pass out. Peoples voice seem to like echo around me. There are areas of the mall (like a closed down store) that seem to have otherworldly operations center there . The spirits tell me that they can time travel in and out of " hot Spots" hidden in and around the stores. All of the people there seem strange to me in the face and some of the spirits say that they put different peoples faces together to somehow earn credit? Anyway... there is a REALLY STRONG male that is constantly bugging me- which I understand since I am a witch and I am trying to raise their existence - and he has been stalking me back and forth from  class and to my moms house and also on the bus. I have had a lot of problems with it trying to push itself into my body and also manipulating my head. It sometimes says it wants to kill me because I can read that it wants to kill someone.

I took him and his friends- he says a female calling herself PAN regulates how he talks. Basically to me he talks to me all the time. He seems really frustrated by this person and he also says she is a stranger - anyway I took them home to my MOMS house for THanksgiving. I was hoping maybe some of my MOMS older Christian influences - both living and dead might help them to give me more time and respect so I could help them  ascend to a higher plane. Unfortunately they became very insistent and obnoxious when we go there. Like demanding that I don't listen to music- they sometimes get it into their minds that I shouldn't listen to . my IPOD because they listened to people from my original church - they don't listen to music, wear makeup and or short skirts there. Basically they took over my televeision and tried to throw things inside of me. I wish I could say it was because someone told them something about GOD or how GOd could help them but no one got a chance to do that really because they took us over and made us feel very sick. I got so sick of them laying around in my bedroom that I got up on three separate occasions to walk down an old deserted road by my house to try to get myself some space. I finally ended up lying under a boat in a boatyard on the street during the rain. I keep telling some of the spirits that bother me that they are in a crisis situation and they should possibly speak to a psychic a priest or possibly get closer to the earth/ground. 

I recently buried my Baphomet necklace in a sacred tree near my house and I have personally asked MY GOD to assist the spirits in finding some peace near the tree.

-- Note I just looked up " what do helpful spirits do " on the internet- THERE IS NOTHIng that comes up for that???? is it the same for you guys- sometimes my system says if LITTLE GRAY didn't put it in for me I cant access it.

So I came in on the bus today - bus 2 - and another FORM of " PAN"" got in - I will say AS me and then when I sat down it installed equipment into the passenger in front of me - it began very forcefully including me an OLD conversation - probably from about 2010 about myself, a friend from another county and presumably an alien (voice) saying that it was trying to convince me that SATAN is trying to hurt me and not a spirit. THis "Pan " thing does that a lot- I mean I know who satan and god are but the thing that keeps bothering me is clearly a human spirit- deceased and not on my plane. Its very very annoying and makes me and my company really really  maad. I mean just because anther spirit talks to you doesn't mean GOD or Satan are influencing you. Spirits can decide to do bad things all by their lonesome. Anyway, the whatever it is that was in front of me really bothered me so I removed my ipod and moved to a seat behind a college student who rides most days with me. 

A being inside the students head appeared to me and basically said it was powerless to stop the music and talking in the bus into its head but it was trying to throw off supposed insults from people and to people in the bus.  Right around that time a head came down or around the back of my head - it looked kind of like me but its eyes were weird and it felt like it was gnawing somehow at the tissue in my nose or something. It made me uncomfortable but I've seen it before. It told me like 2-4 weeks ago that "god" told it it was done talking in the area - ALlegany county. It seemed to feel some kind of "pride"? that is stalks RURAL people on buses and throws parts of itself at the window and out of the window if you don't talk right to it? I don't know how something this weird rude and painful continuously exists in public places??

So continuing on to school today - the being somehow got cast out of me and landed in another bus customers face _ I could see a face about 18 inches long out of the side of the customers head, it kept telling me to go to school or go to the mall. I decided to go into the mall and introduce myself as a student and psychic and a writer on to see if I could give some of these spirits bothering me some notieriety and notice. I feel that they are not getting attention and that maybe that would help them to feel better about themselves.

As I walked into the Mall I was thinking of lots of nice things that could happen as a consequence of me speaking directly to the beings working in the mall. I mean maybe - they have a lot of things to say that they cant get out - about spirits and things that don't deal with work. I mean I really thought someone would open up completely and tell me how they feel working there.. and I still do. So first I went to the odds and ends store by the place I w

((( I spirit is Incessently bothering me to end this short and start another one so I will start a PArt 2)

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So to continue on :

   I left school to go home and on the bus a bunch of "PANS" were there to continuously explain how they cant operate human legs and hands?? Or something, also operating equipment around me that I did not in any way tell them to use,, and then blaming me. Also they keep asking me to yell or scream at them or something? Got off the bus and the several "people" I met during the day "followed" me to the next bus supposedly astral projecting themseleves to?? I have not idea why really. 

Not trying to be rude but most of your topics seem suitable for blogs. We actually have a function for that here. The forums are not meant to be blogs. :)

Ok cool - I will start a blog then

I like your topics Elizabeth.


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