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“Scientists say the record heat seen in Europe but also North America and parts of Asia this year points to the influence of man-made climate change, and could become more common in future.” -KBTX News (Link to article: Animals, crops suffering as Europe's heatwave hits new highs )

The above news agency is a local station here in Central Texas.

Drought has been around as long as life on Earth. Drought has caused the collapse of civilizations in the past. The Ancient Maya are now believed to have suffered the effects of severe drought that caused the collapse of their magnificent city-states.

Humans no-doubt have had an effect on the cycles of life on Earth. But I am still on-the-fence when it comes to man-made climate change. People think greatly of themselves and imagine they can control Mother Earth. Mother Earth can take care of herself and will adjust our population accordingly when the need arises. Food supplies can dwindle, catastrophes can happen, man-made anything is minute in the grand scheme of things.

Do you think man-made climate change is going to take out life on Earth?

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Yes, that is

I would contend that, being there is a vast desert in southern and eastern Oregon, directly adjacent to the desert regions of Nor Cal and Nevada, which existed long before the industrial revolution, a shot of 110 does not seem that unrealistic to me, considering no recording of such temperatures existed prior to the early 1900's.

There is no question that media reporting on temperatures is either misleading at best, or down right exaggerated, or completely false and over stated in terms of sustainable temperatures.

And furthermore, you don't "die from the fucking heat" that is pure nonsense. If you die from heat, you are either burned to death, dehydrated, or you have some other medical condition that poses a threat to your existence in more ways than one, and could be exacerbated by hot temperatures.

The idea of scrapping industry in order to save a few old people who can't afford air conditioning, is ludicrous.

Oh yes, that evil air conditioner is a real monster!

The argument is not whether industry has any effect on climate at all. The argument is that it affects climate change no more that many other natural factors, and perhaps even less 

I've gotten sick from the heat, but not near death. Like you say, it can kill you if your body is forced into an extended exposure.

By the way, air conditioning is relatively new on the human timeline. The house I grew up in had no air conditioning.

phillip kalaveras

1 year ago  -  Shared publicly
"Garbage Science. What they are pointing out in the ozone is natural fluctuations and NOT caused by freon. They wanted every refrigeration unit on the planet replaced and for all of us to pay 50X what we had been paying for freon. It was so successful there doing it again. When did we become so damn stupid."
This was a comment pertaining to the Freon ban that climate Nazis pushed for in the 1980's, and I agree with it

They added hydrogen atoms to the old freon recipe to make the molecule heavier, so it would not rise into the ozone layer. Guess what? Now it stays at ground level and causes pancreatic cancer in humans. When the new HCFC refrigerants first came on the market, they were rated safe for breathing at 100 ppm (parts per million). That figure was soon lowered to 10 ppm after workers being exposed started dying of cancer.

So you could reasonably assume, that climate Nazis are killing off humans. with their twisted views of "evil science" that they have become obsessed with.

The bans keep going on and on. Plastic, straws, bags, coffee cups, there is no end to appeasing these morons.

yes and no, but here are two things i can show you. first, research the club of rome, they had a meeting back in the 60s that decided the global warming agenda. second, look at this

yep, we're getting there, for sure!

The “Greens” in the video say “Save the planet, scrap capitalism.” That is not going to save the planet, it is not really going to kill the planet either, it is just going to subject people to socialism which in my opinion is a doomed system. If I had to choose between capitalism, communism, and socialism, based on the past and present states of all three, I would choose capitalism. Is it perfect? No, but it is better than the other two alternatives.

Of course, we are all doomed anyways, humans are just a dot in time. Sure, we can make decisions that avoid polluting our water and air, that makes perfect sense to sustain human life and all life. I don’t want our natural resources to become so toxic that life on Earth is lowered to a level that becomes nightmarish. But quite often, we think too much of ourselves. One day humans will be a forgotten memory in the analogues of time.

another thing i can show you, this is an australian politician speaking and what shes saying is real

so, heres something that i can show you. if you listen closely and keep the part of your mind active that uses critical thinking, youll notice a lot. theyre talking about technology and biology side by side and saying theyre the same and talking about the future. i do understand, and theyre brilliant but theyre crazy. anyways, here, hear it from the horses mouth.


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