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“Scientists say the record heat seen in Europe but also North America and parts of Asia this year points to the influence of man-made climate change, and could become more common in future.” -KBTX News (Link to article: Animals, crops suffering as Europe's heatwave hits new highs )

The above news agency is a local station here in Central Texas.

Drought has been around as long as life on Earth. Drought has caused the collapse of civilizations in the past. The Ancient Maya are now believed to have suffered the effects of severe drought that caused the collapse of their magnificent city-states.

Humans no-doubt have had an effect on the cycles of life on Earth. But I am still on-the-fence when it comes to man-made climate change. People think greatly of themselves and imagine they can control Mother Earth. Mother Earth can take care of herself and will adjust our population accordingly when the need arises. Food supplies can dwindle, catastrophes can happen, man-made anything is minute in the grand scheme of things.

Do you think man-made climate change is going to take out life on Earth?

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theyre brilliant but theyre crazy.

It's really an age old problem that is not going away any time soon

Which countries rejected the Kyoto Protocol?
EU member states, with a handful of allies including Norway and Switzerland, are the only developed countries prepared to carry on with the Kyoto protocol. The US has always rejected the 1997 pact, and Japan, Canada and Russia have declared they will not take on new emissions targets under the protocol beyond 2012.Dec 9, 2011
This gives you an idea of how they wallow in their own bullshit. This Kyoto Protocol was originally recognized by 165 countries, and signed by 160
As you can see, Japan won't even sign on to this any more. The biggest so called polluters, NEVER signed on to it

According to US climate data, the average temperature in your city for August is 89 degrees Fahrenheit. The all-time record high for your city is 109 degrees Fahrenheit which occurred on July 23, 2006. So, you can see a possible increase in your average high coming into play. This will have an impact on the environmental conditions in your area. It is like Southern California shifting Northward.

It doesn't matter if you believe its human caused or not the trend is documented and the effects will be the same. While humans could effect a change to make it less severe as we did with the Ozone hole it's obvious that we have not will to do so. Therefore, prepare for the worse case scenario and a general civilization collapse.

The problem in planning for a worst-case scenario is that no one can accurately predict the worst-case scenario. Any drastic action taken by a group or individual may prove worse than the ultimate results of climate change. Even scientist can’t agree on the worst-case scenario. The notion of “scientific consensus” on global warming is a political phrase drummed up by hysteria-mongers. There is no such consensus. Three times as many studies have rejected or doubted the notion that humans caused global warming as those that did see humans as the main cause, and two-thirds of studies made no reference to human influence on climate. Even when studies could produce a slight majority saying that human causes were mostly responsible for climate change, 10 percent of the scientists strongly disagreed with the statement, more than those who strongly supported it.

Over reaction can do greater damage, under reaction will leave people in the hands of fate, I guess we each have to choose what road to follow.

your comment is evidence that you didnt read what people are saying in this conversation.

a lot of the evidence that i have found says that much of this phenomenon is caused by technologies. also is caused by deliberate mass pollution and annihilation of species by corporations and governments. they for example make all of these products, knowing where theyre going to end up, and then they blame you for it. or they purposely create oil spills. the world is a crazy place, we also have whats going on with the sun. this effects earth and every other planet. there are a lot of causes for "climate change" and the wind blows, the sun rises and goes down, it rains, these are all changes. the earth constantly changes, the is natural and spiritual. the last thing id recommend is to listen to political propaganda disguised as science, theres a political agenda there. real science will never say "thats what it is, and all debates are over about it". you might be surprised how much science is really falsified. the reason being is that the data and results are made to conform to the desires of the corporation, person, or government paying the scientists to come to conclusions they desire. science has been corrupted, its a mess sorting between whats true an whats not.

I must agree with you for the most part Spiral, especially “the world is a crazy place.”

Science does get corrupted from the influences you mentioned. Science also gets hindered from within the ranks of the scientists themselves. New theories that eventually prove to be correct are often ridiculed and rejected. Scientists who propose theories which are not presently accepted within the scientific community are ostracized.

The geologists, with a four-and-a-half-billion-year perspective, tend to camp with the naysayers of man-made climate change. The biologists and the climatologists tend to camp with the theory of man-made climate change. Though there is still contention within the scientific community of the specialized fields mentioned. Hopefully, over time, data and common sense will steer everything in the proper direction.

fair enough. would you be interested in seeing something?

"would you be interested in seeing something?"



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