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“Scientists say the record heat seen in Europe but also North America and parts of Asia this year points to the influence of man-made climate change, and could become more common in future.” -KBTX News (Link to article: Animals, crops suffering as Europe's heatwave hits new highs )

The above news agency is a local station here in Central Texas.

Drought has been around as long as life on Earth. Drought has caused the collapse of civilizations in the past. The Ancient Maya are now believed to have suffered the effects of severe drought that caused the collapse of their magnificent city-states.

Humans no-doubt have had an effect on the cycles of life on Earth. But I am still on-the-fence when it comes to man-made climate change. People think greatly of themselves and imagine they can control Mother Earth. Mother Earth can take care of herself and will adjust our population accordingly when the need arises. Food supplies can dwindle, catastrophes can happen, man-made anything is minute in the grand scheme of things.

Do you think man-made climate change is going to take out life on Earth?

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There is only one Sahara desert, but everyone else is posting where people are living in the bush and scrub along the edges or traveling THROUGH the Sahara on their way to elsewhere.  No one is building towns and condos in the area where I posted a picture, despite there being plenty of room.

"As the desert grows, humans living on the fringe of the desert use vegetation and cut down trees. As the desert expands further out, the humans move along with the desert aiding in its expansion."

Excellent point. There is no better example of climate change than in the Sahara.

"The findings of this study are that the sedimentological and geochemical properties of the lake sediments confirm that the Sahara has been drying slowly from six thousand years ago to reach the present day conditions around 1,100 years ago," said lead author Pierre Francus, professor at the National Institute of ...


"Sahara Desert Was Once Lush and Populated. View of the Great Sand Sea of Egypt from the Gilf Kebir Plateau. This was a good place to live 8000 years ago. At the end of the last Ice Age, the Sahara Desert was just as dry and uninviting as it is today."

It's just that the last ice age has not ended.

Humans in the third world contribute to "climate change" with "slash and burn" agricultural practices, the same as modern industry. Good example of this is in Madagascar. A great deal of virtually irreversible environmental damage has occurred in many third world countries, because of population growth/expansion, and the need for agricultural resources is outstripping the importance or relevance of their natural environments that otherwise would not have been affected by overpopulation.

We are literally buying time with population overgrowth, and it may come to pass that no amount of ecological gerrymandering or conservation will be able to sustain such huge numbers of people, who can only survive in limited areas with limited resources

There may come a time when they will wish the hell they had warmer temperatures to live in.

The drought in Central Europe has shrunk the rivers & exposed "hunger stones", where people of the past recorded droughts & the famines they caused.

One of the stones recently uncovered in the Elbe is carved with the words, "If you see me, weep."

In times past, a drought could spell the end of a community or even a civilization. The mass transportation of commodities across the globe caused by economics, has given humans the opportunity to survive through the rough times. In the ancient past, if there was not crops to store through the dry season and cold season of a region, it spelled doom in a short period of time.

People like to claim the “moral authority” so they can control others behavior. Whether it is the Pope, cardinals, bishops, and priest pedophiles (and the last three Popes, along with the descending chain-of-command, helped protect and propagate child molesters), or the man-made climate change leaders who have the biggest carbon footprint and big money polluter donators in the history of humanity.

Jacque Fresco in his 2012 production “Paradise or Oblivion”, sits in his mansion and preaches to the World about the evils of capitalism and environmental destruction. Al Gore flies around in his private jets, rides in one of his numerous gas guzzlers, burns thousands of kw (kilo watts) of energy every year in his mansion, then tells us to lessen our carbon footprint. Oprah Winfrey gets on television and states we should only flush our toilets after we shit and not after we piss because we are wasting water, while she pours thousands of gallons a water into her landscaping around her homes and mansions.

I spit in the face of the Pope, Jacque Fresco, Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey, politicians, global elite, corporate leaders, music and movie moguls, and all hypocrites who claim moral authority.

" man-made climate change leaders who have the biggest carbon footprint and big money polluter donators in the history of humanity."

The POPE has been slobbering over climate change, while his inmates are out there running the asylum. It doesn't get any more pathetic than that, folks. The fact that the POPE himself advocates it, tells you right there it's a lot of melodramatic empathy bullshit

"I spit in the face of the Pope, Jacque Fresco, Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey, politicians, global elite, corporate leaders, music and movie moguls, and all hypocrites who claim moral authority."

Second that. Don't forget Chicken Little.

Today it is 27C and usually this time of september is usually cooler days of 17C. The sun is def not well it is way too white and glaring I have plenty of tall leafy trees in my garden and just glancing up like 2 seconds is blinding as a slice of sun peeks through the many leaves, this is not normal. Evenings the temps drop more fast and the cold feels different more icy. Is strange times to live in.

I hear ya, it was hot as hell here today, but not as hot as last month. I walked for five miles in the sun today and felt it cooking my brain. At least it empowered my tonalli.


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