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Matriarchal Societies of Ancient times, did they exist?

Matriarchal Societies of Ancient times, did they exist?

I had written a story on the Great Mother and the Matriarchal Societies, but as it seems there were many who swore up and down there were never such societies ever.
I have read many books of the Great Mother, and from my understanding there were such  societies that only worshiped the Great Mother.
Such books I have read are the Great Cosmic Mother, The Once and Future Goddess, and many others.
There has been statues discovered in all countries depicting a Female body with large breasts, big hips and  huge bellies that suggest they worshiped the Female Pantheons before the Male Pantheons where worshiped.   Some people on PS went on to say that they were only "TOYS"
I don't think that was the case, I do believe that they were real true statues, what do you think?
Do you think there were Matriarchal Societies? And if not what information have you read  that would confirm your opinion?

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Both the male and the female were honored equally at one time with the understanding that both are needed for creation.  There has been the suppression and the degradation of the female in favor of a patriarchal society (religion, politics).  We are now swinging the other way in which the male is being suppressed.  Hopefully, we will return to the time when both were honored.

The idea that the female (or feminine) is beginning to rise distracts from the fact the women never truly gave up their power.  We may have gone silent for a while, but we never lost our power.  It is a rising up, like so many other rising ups, but hopefully we will stop hurting our men.  this is not to say that women haven't been hurt because obviously we have.  I am simply saying I see the affect on young men that this 'feminine rising' is causing.

Balance is needed.  respect and honor for both.

My Grandmother was the matriarch in our family.  Then it passed to my mother and now my oldest sister.  It is not a ruling over, it is a person that is willing to give of herself for advice and counseling.  It is not always a fun job, but she does out of love.  the power of the women in my family is silent and respectful of the men in my family.  No one is put down or belittled, all are supported.

OH what a relief! Perhaps you have never heard of the ACLU or the EEOC, and legions of bloodsucking trial lawyers, both male and female. (divine intervention)

I have no idea what you are saying - went right over my head???????????

I have no idea what you are saying


You can Google those achronyms, that will explain it to you.

 sounds likely....I dont think anyone is saying that women are less cunning, violent and brutal than men.

I agree with what Mary said completely, look into Hinduism, not to begin practicing Hinduism, but for more ideas on older religions which have Goddess worshiping sects.

For me personally, I am working with the God at the moment and forming a relationship with him, I will then move onto the Goddess. Why? Because the Goddess always comes to me, the God seems quiet in comparison. I suppose I am trying to remove the shadow of the Goddess, temporarily, for the God to step forward. Not that there is competition between them, but perhaps there are other reasons for this occurring.

Ignore the nay-sayers! There are many paths to the one. :)

Yes I agree with you I've also come across stories about statues as you mention in various books there's also been a few programs over the years that as also mentioned them. Since none of us was around centuries ago no one can truely know what societies exsisted, it is all based on opinions and artifacts found around the world. It's a bit like the bible, and any story from mythology. At the end of the day people can interpret all these things however we want too. I personally believe that at some point in time women were in charge and ran societies, maybe some of those found were toys because if you think about it kids now worship film and music stars and they make dolls in their images and they are therefore both toys and icons that are worshipped, so maybe at that time they made statues of those female deities that ran their societies to give to young girls as a toy as well as a statue of worship just in similar way to modern icons. Hope people get what I'm trying to say

rather intense in their bashing of Goddess-centered cultres.

If it isn't politics, it's mythology. You are quite wrong again, except for:


Yeah, there is very small and vocal clique of PS members


What I object to is sugar coated chameleonic femme nu sexism, and even worse, male appeasement of it.  If we can get past that, then you're OK with me.

No one is demeaning matriarchal worship or conjugality. I would challenge you to give specific examples of when and where these societies existed. There may have been such a phenomenon in Greece. What significance is female without male? What's the point? None of us would exist without the other. Humans are not hermaphrodite. ALL ancient mythologies prior to Christ recognized male and female deities with a near sense of equality, with nothing else to back up the exception of Judaism. If there were female cults who didn't, of what significance is that? Earth is the Great Mother.

Reply by Dave Pellani 14 hours ago

No one is demeaning matriarchal worship or conjugality. I would challenge you to give specific examples of when and where these societies existed.

Dave, there are many such societies, one of them for example is the ancient city of Pompeii. You might know the city as the City of Statues, unfortunately these Statues are of real people frozen in time from Volcanic Ash that buried the city and it's inhabitants. Thing to this city though is the fact that all archaeological evidence shows that the main Deity within the city is that of the Goddess Isis. So much so was she and the women the rulers of this city are now adorned with gifts from all who travel there. It matters not what you leave at the large Temple of Isis, it is the fact that you pay homage and respect to their Deity (The Goddess) and all of those who perished there for her. Also you have the  Goddess Fortuna Augusta - Pompeii. The temple was constructed in 3 BC and dedicated to the imperial cult.  

Now let us move on to the Isles of Hawaii, need we not remember the ancient ways and today's ways of worshiping their women and the Goddess who rules them still today. Her name is the Goddess Pele, the Goddess of Fire, you need not take my word for all of this, just read up on it yourself. After all women have been force many Cultures and was not down graded until Great age of the Christian Religion came along and women were meant to heard when only Spoken too. Don't believe me, just look up the two Biblical Marys. As a matter of fact you can probably find the show called "The Two Mary's", guess what, even priests and many theologians agree that this world was a women's world until the Patriarchal Society of the Christian religion about. Now I am sure there are other Societies that were Patriarchal, but the larges known are the Christians.

Have a Great day now,


 ....funny you mention Hemraphrodite.

 "ALL ancient mythologies prior to Christ recognized male and female deities with a near sense of equality, with nothing else to back up the exception of Judaism." 

 That statement is a fine example of absolute bullshit. Dave, you seem to be making a scapegoat of Christianity.

It is my opinion that there were matriarchal societies in Ancient Africa, specifically Western Africa in the area now known as Ghana. Many people dispute the concept of matriarchal societies as being creations of modern feminist, but I am not of this mind.


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