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Memorial Day Rememberances............share your thoughts or memories

On this Memorial Day, when we honor and recall the sacrifices made by those in service to our country, so the we, and others, are able to live lives freely, pursue those dreams that inspire us and speak our minds without fear of retribution, I remember my Grandfather, a Marine and WWII vet, he served in China, he never would speak of what he did or those things he witnessed while in country, but he would speak often of the people and especially the children.

He felt great sorrow for their experiences and joy when he was able to help, even if it was just a small kindness.

My grandparents raised me for several years when I was very young, my grandfather has a huge impact on my life, he taught me that life is a gift, and when you walk through it, you must do so with honor, courage and kindness, appreciate all that comes your way, even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted or expected.

He taught me the value of quiet courage, not accepting the idea “it’s always been this way” and making changes in ones own life to reflect what changes are wanted in the greater world, he taught me that honor is something one needs to work at, since it is so much easier to do nothing, and that in your own life honor is the only thing one can really hold on to, it is a compass with which to find your way in the world.

So to all those who serve or have served, I want to say, “thank you”, you all inspire us to be stronger, better people.




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