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This is a social experiment where men are asked to wear a burka while doing activities from the everyday to somewhat extreme.  

Any ideas for new activities?

Do you think wearing a burka is valid?

How do you think you would feel wearing a burka?

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What did you make it from? Cotton, paper dressing gowns, nylon synthetics?

What is the face piece made from and whats the visibility factor for outward in vs inward out (how visible is your face versus how visible is the world?).

Did you sew it or did you pin it?

It is made out of cotton, I thought it would be very breathable and the mesh is blue lace double layered.  It comes in two parts, one is the under layer, covering most of the body, the second is the top layer, like an elongated hat doing down to about the hips.  It was easy to make mostly because it is made to be destroyed in the long run.  The visibility is minimal at best, I can barley see my computer screen when taking pictures on my computer's camera.

One of these made out of mosquito netting would be excellent for the coming season where I live!

LOL,  if you have the time

Men would find a way to brag about who's being most hindered by their burkas.

That would be a hilarious idea.

Kind of meaningless, since they won't suffer reprisals for showing their ankles and such.

It's the spirit of the burka, you're still blinded and restricted.  Wait until you see the video of the guy on a practice tight rope.

That restriction is very minor compared to the rapes and honour killings and the like that can and do result because a woman has the audacity to show her ankles.

What Vig said.

Women in societies that require them to wear burkas aren't allowed to do such things OR  even be in public without their 'handler'.

I suggest someone go over there, drag them off those skateboards and beat them.  That's what would happen to women in their place in those societies. 

I agree fully with you both women are treated like property the men are even trying to get there laws into our society so they can carry out there acts of violence against women.

It is to show men in general how restricting this garment is.  And to add a little ridiculousness to the whole idea of a burka.  It's supposed to be funny with a dash of added respect.


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