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Michael Moore: America Will Be a "Better Country" When Whites Are a Minority

Michael Moore is celebrating the fact that white men are “dying out” because he thinks America’s demographic shift will make it easier for Democrats to win future presidential elections.

“The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country,” he added.

The Bowling for Columbine star also insinuated that all Trump supporters were racists who hate minorities.

Michael Moore: America Will Be a "Better Country" When Whites Are a...

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This is so stupid. Why can't we treat skin color like eye color? Francesca Ramsey from MTV Decoded is the worst with this shit.  Gazi Kodzo is also incorrigible.   I hope we could go back to color blindness. Everything's already gotten too out of hand. 

I don't care if a person is black or white, gay or straight. If a person's cool with me. I'm cool with them. 

I agree Fiona. I feel that this division has weakened us as a society. Race is an issue that needs to be addressed instead of swept under the rug.

Yeah, we can't sweep race under the rug. We must discuss it with a cool, level head. Over-reacting and demanding that "white devils" pay us reparations would only make things worse. In the end, 2 hate groups need each other to exist. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, the KKK have been a laughing stock. Now, people are taking them somewhat seriously with "Dear White People" an infamous movie by MTV and became a Netflix TV series.

I think it's important for blacks and whites to be treated the same; but there are some cultural issues. Such as black people tend to live in ghettos and grow up in poverty. But I thought we were making progress as it were with black only scholarships. I don't want to see white people demonized and brought down. I'd rather for black people to be lifted up in a meritocratic system. Instead of reparations and Affirmative Actions, why not tutoring programs? That's the way black people truly deserve something instead of receiving a handout, which won't work in the long run. It's doomed to fail b/c the best person isn't getting the job, which could potentially cause societal collapse. It's better to maintain a meritocracy, but to have remedial programs for blacks. And I'm only mentioning blacks because blacks tend to grow up in ghettos and the schools for blacks aren't all that good. I was an intern at an all black school and 8th graders were still learning the names of states. White kids are exposed to better education. I believe that our education system needs to be egalitarian.

In other words, I believe this society needs both egalitarianism and a meritocracy.

It's not skin color, it's a culture of bigotry and racism that's tied to the Demographic. The old, rural white population tends to both. Also, "color blindness" isn't a real thing. We can teach people how to be comfortable with people that look different from them, but there is a built-in human response to "the other" that will likely never go away.

Color blindness is just a metaphor which means that I will not factor your skin color in how I treat you. However, there are cultural differences between blacks and whites. However depending on the person, you can't tell a person's race by merely talking to them over the internet.

Not all black people speak Ebonics, for example. However, there are white people really annoying with it like, "I didn't even know you were black." Outside the internet, which is a dick move, and I have dark skin. Or when there's a mass shooting of black people, and I bring up the topic, and a white person goes, "I don't even see color." Now, that is annoying. Fortunately, it hasn't happened to me all that often. But it's extremely irritating when it does happen. So, there is a problem with the phraseology of "color blindness." But I have no problem of the concept of treating black people like you'd treat white people or Asian people. Just factor in cultural differences and the black people didn't have a white upbringing. It'll be nice if people had the willingness to learn about our cultural differences so that we could move forward in improving race relationship and have a mutual understanding of each other, and come to something that we could both agree with. I personally think we've made the most progress in the 1990s and early 2000's. For the most part, I grew up not giving my skin color much of a thought. I've had only 2 racist teachers. Unfortunately, there were more racist classmates then racist teachers. But I still think that for the most part, I lived a normal childhood with few instances of race related bullying. But even then, I could contact a white person who went to a predominately black school, and they would also experience race related bullying and they'll be mistreated constantly for being white.

Also, I think we've went too far in this society. Such as, personally, I don't care if a white person wears cornrows. I also don't care if a white person wears dreadlocks. I mean, as long as they're Not using it to mock and ridicule black people. I'm more than happy to share "my" culture with white people. I think it ends racism, not enhances racism. You go on skype and talk to any Japanese person, many of them don't care if a white person wears a kimino. They're glad that they're culture is spreading, as their own culture is dying off. and I don't consider Japanese-Americans as spokespersons of Japanese people, as Japan doesn't allow for dual citizenship. To me, that's a form of racism. Usually the people called "Japanese-Americans" never been to Japan, and Japanese people don't like them. Usually when they visit Japan for the first time, they have an accent; they don't speak Japanese properly; their reading of kanji isn't all that good; they act too American for the Japanese taste, so at most "Japanese-Americans" are stuck in No Man's Land. Where they end up being too Japanese for Americans, but too American for Japanese.

Fiona; I fully resonate with your sentiment.

Lamentably, there exist people in positions of profound influence who seem oddly intent on race baiting the country into needless conflict.

Hopefully folks don't fall for it; otherwise, we may have some turbulent times ahead of us. 

People are falling for it, which is why there's the rise of the alt-right. The race baiting by the MSM needs to stop. People are already getting hurt. Fortunately, there are people speaking out against "pop feminism." I had no idea that was a thing until recently. I used to brand all feminism under the same brush. But I had feminists friends explain to me that not all feminism is a thing.

I was introduced to this by my feminist friends

However, I would say that I don't agree with everything Contrapoints have to say, but my friend's version of feminism isn't as bad as the version the MSM is pushing. And for clarity, I'm not friends with Contrapoints. I just watch their videos.

What we have here is a classic example of a "Hypocrite".  There is Michael Moore - a multi millionaire estimated to be worth at least 50 million or more making fun of "rich people" and hoping that his particular "race" (what would that be, the human race? 'cause that is the only race I recognize personally) "becomes a minority".

These are the sorts of people whom I will not listen to.  I do not begrudge anyone their money - don't really care, but if they make money by disparaging anyone else who does, well.... now we have a problem.  What they say is being drowned out by what they do.

It reminds me of Al Gore, who has a personal carbon footprint the size of Rhode Island, but jets and limos around telling everyone that they ought to have a smaller carbon footprint, and that they "ought" to buy carbon credits... and he just happens to own the carbon credit company.  Yeah, Al, why don't you go back and invent another internet for us dumb ass.

Hypocrites folks.  If they are not living the life they propose for you, then you know right off the bat they go nothing to say.  Nothing you ought to listen to anyway.

The fun part is that Michael Moore is white and old, so he’s cheering for this own disempowerment, and disempowering a group that has abused its power for far too long is something I can get behind. That includes the people that run both of the main political parties, own most of the property, and run most of the government bodies in the country. We are, after all, talking about the same people that include Pagans in their hit lists, and whose ancestors the French called Bigots because they were constantly swearing “By God”. Moore is a hypocrite because he claims not be bigoted, and then brings race into the issue, when culture (worldview) is the problem he really wants to address.

No, I would just call Moore an asshole, a racist, as well as a hypocrite extraordinaire. If he sees himself as a leader and great innovator of "the movement", he may not know it, but he is a pathetic example of it.

Indeed...many of the 'elite' who are against borders and firearm possession, are themselves curiously well protected by armed bodyguards from behind the safety of their gated communities. 

Unfortunately, the public is rarely able to grasp the irony or implication.


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