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Michael Moore: America Will Be a "Better Country" When Whites Are a Minority

Michael Moore is celebrating the fact that white men are “dying out” because he thinks America’s demographic shift will make it easier for Democrats to win future presidential elections.

“The angry white guy is dying out, and the Census Bureau has already told us that by 2050, white people are going to be the minority, and I’m not sad to say I can’t wait for that day to happen. I hope I live long enough to see it because it will be a better country,” he added.

The Bowling for Columbine star also insinuated that all Trump supporters were racists who hate minorities.

Michael Moore: America Will Be a "Better Country" When Whites Are a...

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If only more people would use their brains as Mr. Freeman (good name there!) has simply and eloquently shown here in this clip. the effects of unmitigated immigration become increasingly evident, many folks who were once moderates, are no longer.

By 2050?  I doubt it.  Minority races are called 'minorities' because they lack the numbers.  We will be a "better" country, once we get back to priorities of American Wealth, that matter.  That way, there are enough resources to go around, we aren't draining our budget each year based on 'feels' and we quit outsourcing our industry to foreign nations. The end.

That's not racism, it's realism.

A pragmatic approach is certainly welcome.

So long as facts continue to rank second to feelings, one might only hope the voice of reason eventually find more pioneers of its cause. 

The art of critical thinking isn't a priority in the country anymore.  It's actually gone the opposite where being 'socially conscious' is considered being a 'good and decent' person.  Feelings are irrelevant to facts.  The fact is, we do have an annual cap on immigration.  We do have a limited budget allocation for social benefit, and to the citizens that paid in.  Eventually, if we go on like we have been, none of us are getting our money back.  That's theft.

Indeed you are correct, and that observation begs the question: "Should there be a governmental decree that each person "MUST" give (ie: have taken by force) some portion of money in taxes to pay for "social benefit" - of any kind?"

Anarchy means, (from its etymology" "Without Chief" - that is, no leader above me.  The rational anarchist is one who believes (as I do) that the only person qualified to "lead" my life is me. Period.

Certainly the idiots that comprise the bulk of our government here in the US, and for that matter anywhere else in this world have no business, and certainly no skill, and no mandate (besides the violence they can inflict upon us) to lead our lives in any way, or make any demands on them.  Certainly no moral basis.

So you are right Sin, it is "theft"... but it was theft the very minute you and I and everyone else had to pay it, not later when we don't get some small portion of it back.

Minority/Majority refers to power. Not population. In any case, the goal is equality for all races. Moore is a dumb ass.

If racial equality can be achieved, then such be ideal.

Such expressed, the presence of brain mass average differentials may be of continuing hindrance on fronts unanticipated:

Fortunately, I have faith that eventually this information will be censored, as we have already observed with similarly inconveniencing research.

However well we might be able to control information, the path will be nonetheless filled with tribulation. As regrettably, seeking to social engineer out the influences of Biology continues to be an undertaking that presently appears to create more friction than fruit. 

Nonetheless, I maintain faith the fruits of our labor shall one day be realized as increasingly we enter into a new age where the hitherto sown seeds of our joint blood, sweat, and tears, shall finally be reaped.

Racism is actually a new thing. Compared to sexism and classism.
Xuchilbara wrote:

"Racism is actually a new thing. Compared to sexism and classism."

I disagree.
Ancients weren't always concerned with it. Tribalism was a bigger deal.

Be specific.  Generalized sweeping statements like that are merely one example of what I was commenting on.  What is 'tribal' aside determining who is and isn't your tribe?  This is why even indigenous peoples were killing each other when the Europeans arrived.


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