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Miniscule specks of "light" i happen to see when i focus my eyes to a certain way,(not floaters or dust that gets hit by thw sun either. .can some one explain what they are?

Im in my room i look out the window and i focus my eyes to a relaxed state.. And i begin to see these small specks of light , there so many dancing in the air. Soo many .. And they seem to float up slowly or disappear. They all dance in a synchronized pattern .yet they seem to have a will of their own. For some go their own way...i see floaters too. The floaters look more like bacteria and seem to have no connection to the Miniscule specks of light that i see dancing in the air..and the floaters just float. They dont seem alive like the light
I asked my western friend and he said that ots something called the shimmering. I need more info on this.
But when i step away from thw window and look inside my room every thing looks amber/redish... I guess Becouse my eyes where still focused to see the light. Dancing. .
Does anyone know what they are?

P.s i tried touching them but it seems my hands have zero effects on them

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What Nephele said.

When I get my eyes checked every year, the first thing my eye doctor asks, "Are you seeing any spots of light?"

This only happens at will... Thx for your concern..
I dont drink sodas or coffee..
And i stay hydrated :/
Its a nice feeling some one else sees something similar
Thx for the info... It seems i need to lay off this method
Even though all the comments so far are valid and you might have cause for concern, I have a different interpretation. I have watched the "sparkles" for more than 40 years, whenever I think about it. My ocular health is about what is expected for someone over 60, with more floaters as I get older. Floaters are not the same thing. None of the eye doctors I've asked knew what I was talking about, and they also suggested expensive testing (of course). Even after several decades through age-weakened eyesight, the sparkles are still there even now as I look into empty space. They're like pixels in a digital image, but the word "pixels" didn't exist in my early 20s. Ever-changing, moving, always in focus with or without my glasses, I seem to have sensitized myself to their omnipresence.

I tend to lean more toward Ashlyn's second comment (euphoric rush), and I find it comforting to see them. I personally believe that the sparkles (reality pixels) that I see are the pinpoint trails, which like eddie currents, follow the movements of the spirit energies (for lack of a better term) that comprise our physical reality. Whether solid, liquid, gas or maybe even vacuum, the sparkles are both the canvas and the paint that make the picture of our reality. When you learn to manipulate the energies to allow the reality of your choice, these are the building blocks that shape things and mold the events that culminate in what you perceive. They have certain properties of attraction and repulsion, something like magnets or maybe gravitational units.

I always found that the easiest way of seeing them is to stare at a single spot in a blue sky. They'll suddenly swirl into existence. Stare longer, and they really start to stand out. Watch them too long, and you'll begin to lose touch with your normal reality. Your blinking will not change their intricate patterns, though you might have to refocus. But "focus" isn't really the right word, because they're never out of focus. I use the sparkles for meditation, better than a mantra. Mostly, they remind me that I make my world at every moment.

This is the answer i was hoping to see. For thays what they seem to be....

My elders would shut us in a dark room for who knows how long.. The room would be pitch black and i suddenly began to see my campanions and surroundings in a redish vision.

Amd when i walked outside i would see the lights

Google 'hypnagogic imagry.'

But also *watch out for retinal detachment!


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