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It's a few years old, but given that this is happening now, I thought I'd give it a repost.

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I get your notion, but what's your point? Be a dick because life is weak? Blame Batman, sorry your ideals didn't save your purse. The Earth still lives, man.  

His real underlying point , my friend Noah , is Snowflake

is one of those Speyshul White Nationalists by his own

admission , known as Sloan 777 on another site I am on...

He likes to stir up trouble , like a coyote on bad meth , as

evidenced by his dredging up old subjects on multiple

threads here in the past 24 hours...

He has a problem with minorities , women , and anything that

smells even faintly like anything but a misogynist white society...

But , I leave the rest of what I know about him , to others to

figure out , by his further posting on Paganspace , other than

his being a proud member of Stormfront...;)

While I do feel education needs to be improved , as well as

relations between all peoples in the school systems , and before

and beyond that system time period , I do not feel the enhancing

of tensions is the way to achieve that desired outcome...

Pendulums swing , yet in politics , religion , and life , they often

leave many in a pit , or abyss bereft of the sense to stop the process...

We should not return to the days of misogyny and prejudice , nor should

we sacrifice the ideal of individuality , and personal accomplishment...

There needs to be found and followed , a middle path , not by imposition

of such rule , yet by mutual with any process , that has a

time element , and it may take years before we reach that mutual agreement...;)

The best we can do , is lead by example , of acceptance of all peoples , equally ,

while doing our best to better ourselves...not to separate , yet include and assist...

    lol creepy!

Pointless video, hyperbolic and full of fantasies of persecution. Indeed these sorts of videos only make supporters of the state roll their eyes and dismiss any legitimate concerns there might be. After all, why pay any mind to delusional individuals who believe this lunacy? This only hurts the case against the expanding central state. And you can't even tell if this is meant to be a serious portrayal or a parody of what the extreme right believe. It's no different from when people point to Orwell as a realistic case instead of a frightening fictional scenario. It only strengthens the growing state. inane bluster only makes the argument seem weaker.

What? I don't get it. It must be a parody of something but I have no idea what. This just leaves me totally confused. 

So...  Frightengly plausible lol maybe..  Not sure what happened to my reply..  But I'm still laughing at the coyotee on bad Meth *dying over here*


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