There has been some mortals seeking knowledge of the violet flame, so being my kind self, I sought it out for you. I shall be posting some links to the knowledge you seek, 'tis just to much to record within the post,I shall be here for an eternity if I shall do such a thing. The choice to read them or not,'tis your decision, not I.

'Tis a visualization technique,and a form of spiritual alchemy or transformation. The violet flame is used to transmute negative energy into positive energy and to burn up any attachments to substances, relationships or negative thought patterns.The violet flame also helps one gain courage and proceed into the unknown future with grace. Violet, which is associated with the crown chakra, is the highest vibration color in the chakra system. The crown chakra is our connection to the cosmic consciousness, and it is through the crown that we receive divine insight.


Beware of the many links within the knowledge you shall seek.


What is the Violet Flame? 

The Dispensation of the Violet Flame

Importance of the Violet Flame

Violet Flame Keys 

Violet Flame Degrees

All can use the Violet Flame

Violet Flame for Healing 

High frequency spiritual energy 

Increasing Joy 

Dispensation of the Violet Flame 

Healing with the Violet Flame 

Helping our bodies Heal 

Higher Dimensions Physics 

Skeptics experiments  

Nine Steps to put the VF into action 

Spiritual/physical Transformation 

Violet Flame Decrees 

Comfort of the Violet Flame 

The gift of the Violet Flame 

The Violet Flame for Forgiveness

Mercy and Forgiveness

The VF smooths relationships

Spiritual Alchemy 

Washing of the water by the Word

Helping free a planet

Solution to economic crisis

More Violet Flame decrees 

The greatness of the Violet Flame 


Love to read all mortal's thoughts.

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A very interesting subject that you have gave me to read about, it will take me some time,a lot of links,but I will be back to give an opinion. :)
Many thanks for such interest, 'tis seems not many are as much as I once thought.
ooOo something I haven't heard of! Not like that is rare for me or anything but I love to learn new things, thank you for posting!
you are vary much welcome, enjoy
violet flame is also great at shield penetration. It's rather difficult to stop. If anyone knows what energy wrapping is, when you use several different energies for healing at the same time, and if someone is having difficulty receiving it, you can use violet flame to wrap around those energies like a bullet casing, to deliver the full force of regenerating energies. Needless to say, I bet you could send somebody a trojan horse this way too.

No actually you couldn't send them a "trojan horse" because the Violet Flame would nuke it as well... it is not of a neutral resonance, it serves The Light inherently and will act accordingly.

Trying to Use the violet flame in an attacking or negative manner would defeat the purpose, and you wouldn't actually be using it but some kind of illusionary version that doesn't work the same way.


This is another thing to keep in mind with the VF... that you cant use it "offensively"... like "against" a specific person. Instead you would just lay down the flame In that space, and they would be caught up in it and would likely Find a reason to leave.

Super high vibrating frequencies feel "annoying" or "irritating" to those who resonate at a lower or darker energy level - then its like the wicked witch melting - so their subconscious mind sends their conscious the Skidaddle command (either that or the Attack command against who's sending the energy).

not even if you wrapped it with an additional neutral insulator? I have already done this with other energy types, for shield penetration, so I know that this kind of idea is possible. Hmm, I'll save this one for an experiment later today when I see some of my energy worker friends. They might be interested in the idea.

Violet Flame is a different kind of animal, its a 9th dimensional energy and its actually a Ray of Ascension, so its Bigtime stuff... its intelligent.

If you tried to use it like a gel capsule it would eat whatever was in the gel capsule if it was not of The Light. Darkness dies, end of story.

There is some evidence to suggest that actually the invokation of the Violet Flame doesn't actually wield those energies yourself, but just sends instructions to Archangel Zadkiel or Saint Germaine to use the VF. And those guys are deity level and sided permanently with The Light so they aren't going to support misuse.


There are only a few ways you could use Violet Flame in perhaps an unethical manner - by destroying the roots/cords of another person's Space so they can be easily removed from it (if you live there as well) - or using it to Defend yourself even though you're attacking someone else using other methods.

Still, you have to be resonating on a level of pure intention when going to Use the VF so if you were engaging in those sorts of activities, you might be conjuring an illusionary version that doesn't work.


In any case why would you be attacking someone else?

Violet Flame can Remove such said people from your outer reality by destroying all the connections to them and raising the spiritual vibrations so high that they cant even come near you (and it eats up their negative intentions anyway). It even sets up an invisibility too, like because You and Your Place are so high vibrating nobody even notices.

I have to say that is a pretty good explanation. That makes sense, and I will accept that. I have not actually tried using VF to harm anyone, even for testing purposes, because I was previously warned not to do that. I have however used the "gel capsule" method with other types of energy, and I have found it to work, at least for testing purposes. I haven't had to use that specific technique to harm anyone, nor would I desire the opportunity. I'm just big on finding out what is possible.

Last year I had a very good reason for attacking someone else with energy, and I likely saved someone else's life because of it. I did not enjoy it, but I learned that it is possible to seriously hurt someone with the use of your own astral body, and directing the right sort of energy and intent at them. I do not like doing harm to people, but I put importance on being prepared when necessary.


What is your take on VF being linked with amethyst crystal? The idea of amethyst being a physical manifestation or a sort of "anchor" for that type of energy? This is an idea I've been putting some thought into lately. I don't know if you've heard of this new Chios energy healing thing, but a friend of mine showed me a sample of it, and it feels like the resonance of topaz, at least to me. Well, just a theory I guess.

I think the violet color of the amethyst crystal perhaps is a reflection of its higher vibration, the way it chose for its substance to form to be that color, but I do not believe it resonates nearly As High as the Violet Flame energy does.

Amethysts are associated with the Crown Chakra energy, but the VF resonates 20-100 times higher vibration than the Crown Chakra operating under its own 7D energy.

I think it could actually be an issue of the vibration of Mother Earth herself, and how she only has 7 Major Chakra centers of her own... that its possible there are no stones that vibrate this high.


If you want to protect someone else you don't attack their attacker. You shroud the person with Protection, sending a guardian spirit such as Archangel Michael or Queen Isis, and you Bind the attacker so they can do no harm to anyone. Then you use something like Violet Flame to cut any and all connections between the people, so the attacker cant hold on to them.

If you start attacking then you're just lowering yourself to their level.


As for self defense a Reflection barrier (with spikes on it if you choose) is better. Then not only does none of it reach you, they also get hit with whatever they was going to try. Make it in the name of your I Am Presence and it will backfire on anyone or anything, including entire organizations (if someone tried to fire you, the whole company would go down).

This is Gray Magick, operates straight from the Law Of Free Will... but in a perfect world nobody would be attacking anyone and its their own decision to do so in any case.

I also forged a pact with my I Am Presence... anyone who tries hexing or black magic on me Dies and gets their own hex too (for their next life). Like the mythology of "you would be better to rush on this blade...". But if they're going to play on that level my I Am presence has the real life avada kedavra waiting for them, and it has omniscience so its not like it wont see whats happening.


For reference the I Am Presence is the ultimate version of you, outside of time, who has become a deity and creator of its own universe. It is the power that Moses called upon to cast his plagues, split the seas, and so on - which was called I Am That I Am or "Abra-cad-abra" in latin.

I always work with my I Am Presence if I can because it can replicate anything that any other god, goddess, angel, or other being could do. The I Am Presence is a person's connection to Source, but ultimately it also ecompasses everything dark about ourselves that ever was at any time too.

Violet Flame when invoked is able to flush out the physical body and aura of toxins and chemicals, physical viruses, drugs and pollution. Emotional problems and distressing experiences of early childhood or of past lifetimes, scars of old hurts, fear and anxiety, karma, hatred and other negative emotions can be transmuted using properly this technique.

The Violet Flame meditation was known to the Egyptian mystery schools and to the Neo-Platonist predecessors of medieval alchemy. According to Neo-Platonist, "the Philosopher's Stone was a self-transforming fire that would lead their souls upward, by drawing up to the Spirit all qualities which dragged downward and opposed the spiritual essence"

'Tis was the obsession of alchemist of the spirit,not just to transmute base metals into gold,albeit to raise the soul to a pristine state of communion with the Divinity, a state of Oneness and immortality.


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