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Hey- I built an outdoor altar where I am right now, just temporary. I put a silver coin out with a calfskin and other things as sacrifices to the Morrigan. I am moving and want to take the coin with me to place in the future outdoor altar. Do you think it would offend the goddess if I moved it? Otlr should I get another one to place on the new shrine?

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Do a ritual for moving to her and then move and see what happens.

Thank you. That's a great idea!

You sacrificed the coin to your goddess? Sacrifices were not recycled but generally disposed of, taken out of the mundane world. If you are not prepared to let go of sacrifices don't sacrifice them.

Damn autocorrect. I decided that I will leave it there. It is indeed a sacrifice and needs to be treated as such. I will not move it since it isn't my property. Thanks everyone

You could bury the item before you leave to prevent it reentering human ciculation. Sacrificed objects were often buried, burnt, broken or placed in bodies of water so that they were irretrievable.

That is a good idea. I pity the human who takes them. The Morrigan is...finicky

Yes. I think that might be a theft that they will regret!

I think the Goddess will understand


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