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Years ago, my grandparents had to sell their old country house when my grandfather got sick and they had to move closer to town. This is the house my mother grew up in, and where I spent the first 7 years of my life. Nobody keeps it for very long, as it's a very active house...the spirits like to roam free and interact with the tenents...and I guess that would scare most people off. I want to buy my haunted house back! I know that it's meant to be in my family...but how do I do that when it's so far do I convice my boyfriend to move there, and how do I keep anyone else from buying it, or tearing it down if it doesn't sell? I can't stop thinking about it!!!

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Get the money and go get it! Tell the man that your going and he is welcome to join you. Look up the real estate agents over there and talk to them and see from there.
Thank you all so much for the encouraging thoughts! After I posted this, I actually contacted the realtor who's in charge of the house and set up an appointment for viewing. I won't be back up there for 3 weeks, but it's all set! He said there were a few viewings, but no offers! I like the idea of renting it out temporarily to help pay off the mortgage! My boss also gave me the name of her mortgage broker telling me that this person will bend over backwards to help me (This kind of surprised me of my boss...since if I end up buying this house and moving to's a 4 hour drive from where I live now, so I would obviously have to quit my job here!! Odd. lol)
how old is it??, here in New Jersey, we have a Historical Society, that dates the houses, and if they date back far enough ,they cant knock them down, and they help the families keep the houses in the family. its worth a try for ya....... Morg
I'm not 100% sure how old it is...I know that it's quite old, I'd have to ask my grandmother. I don't know if we have anything like that here, but it's definitely something to look into!! It might just be that old! :) Thanks Morganna!!
Well...I went and took a "tour" of the house, and took about 50 pictures (a LOT of which came back with orbs in them!). But the thing is, it needs SO much work, and I'm told that for the area and the house, they're asking probably more then $60K more then it's even worth. I know it's worth more to me emotionally then any amount of money, but I just don't have the kind of money that it would take to get it fixed up and "livable". The man that lives there now keeps it pretty much like a pig's stye! There are mattresses piled up in rooms and hallways, the rooms are in general dissaray and it broke my heart to see some of the changes that have been done to it. It's funny tho, how you look at a room when you're 7 and think it's so big, and you look at it again when you're 29 and it's really rather small! lol Regardless, I'm 100% glad that I went to see it, that I at least had the chance to walk its halls one more time. And I took a little memento from the attic...just a rusty nail that I pulled out of an original beam, and little piece of cut lumber that was left in a heap on the floor....nothing much, but it's my own little piece of the house that will always be my home.

Blessings All, and thank you for all your encouraging words.
The thing is I really can't afford it. I'm living pay to pay, and I just don't have the get approved for a mortgage, I would need a co-signer that I just don't have. Believe me, I've looked at my options. And unless I win the lottery, or someone miraculously buys it FOR me...I'm afraid it's not in the stars. :(
Well if they are asking 60k more than its worth and with repairs, you can always offer what you can afford and see if they bite. Don't lose hope over the price. People can't tell you no if you don't ask, on the other hand they can't tell you yes either.

You need to do a prosperity spell and see what comes.


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