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My near death experience and spiritual connection with it

I had a near death experience that I don't actually remember going through, I just remember my parents telling me about it. I was two-years old and I got a stomach bug or something, and I threw up every time I ate. I refused to eat and eventually had to be taken to the hospital because I was severely dehydrated. The doctor's were pretty sure I would die, but one morning I woke up and said "I'm hungry." and then ate two whole bananas. I have a scar that I have a spiritual connection with that was caused when I was in the hospital. The scar was caused when an idiot doctor was taking my blood, and he stabbed the needle in my hand and completely missed my vain. So he proceeded to dig in my hand for a little while to find it. It left an oblong scar on my hand, and whenever I feel sad or discouraged, I look at my hand and I'm reminded that I'm supposed to be here, that I still have a journey to make.

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i thought you were gonna talk about an out of body experience, but this was interesting also... i'm glad you survived ^_^
Hee hee. I have yet to experience that! I mentioned this because since I've been reading about Wicca, I've felt an even stronger spiritual connection with my scar. I know I'm supposed to be here, and I feel more grateful than ever for it!

Wow, we just met, but this is an interesting story that reminds me of something that happened to me as a kid that is very similar.

I guess I don't think about it much but when I do think about it, the "conclusion" I have is kinda like "its against the odds that I lived past a baby" - so yeah, I don't think about it much - I'm very glad to be here and feel special, for this and many other reasons - but all life is special, all of it, I guess, not just the "exceptional moments"

I'm glad we met, glad you made it too!

I'm glad we met as well. :) I just feel so good talking to fellow Pagan/Wicca followers! You guys make me feel so welcome, and I feel like I'm at home here!


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