There are so many stupid myths about Satan

Here few

He is in Hell.  No, he is not.  He has been condemned to the lake of fire, but he is not there yet.  Job 1:6,7; 1 Peter 5:8


He is ruler of Hell.  Absolutely not.  He doesn’t even want to be there.  He is ruler of the earth.  Matt 4: 8,9


He is a big, scary, ugly monster with horns and a pitchfork.  No.  He is the most beautiful, intelligent creature to ever come from the hand of God.  Ezekiel 28:12


He is everywhere present.  No, he can only be in one place at one time.  That rules out the idea Christians have of the devil chasing them to make them sin.  It is unlikely that any of us will be important enough to get personal attention from Satan.  He is busy with men in positions of great authority.  Eph 6:12


We have authority to “bind Satan

Feel free to comment for me these few myth are nonsense Every opinion counts Tell me  what Satan means for you

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Personally I see him as a myth..... a Christian "boogeyman" and an archetype for all Gods who are not Christian. In Judaism Satan (adversary) is generally viewed as a symbolic representation of man's potential for evil.

My opinion.  He only exists in Abrahamic myth, and as an excuse.


That's pretty much it right there.

I am in the belief that Satan is a myth created by the Christians. I respect those who have him in their Pantheon.  

Robert let me explain my point of view. They are all myths in the way that they are stories told. Jesus and Satan are as real as my god and goddess, but I don't embrace them in my pantheon. I think Jesus and Satan are a marketing tool cleverly used to sell products and dogma. 

If you're curious, Google 'Hasatan'.

What Satan means to me:
From what I understand is that the term "Satan" is a translation of the word "opposer" in ancient Aramaic. An opposer could be someone who does not agree with the church or who refuses to be Christian.
I think it's possible that someone thousands of years ago someone decided to attach an exaggerated image to the word just to get the point across such as "opposing our view is bad". I really don't think there is some fallen angel sitting on his thrown, looking at his watch, waiting for Armageddon.


The Christians turned Pan into being the Devil. Pan is the protector of the forest with hooved feet a fork and horns etc...if people wish to worship Pan then cool...if they wish to worship the devil or satan then they are just shadow christians...Devil ...Satan...made up story.....Bible...made up story...all based on Pagan understandings and miss-understandings.......

When the Christians adopted Pagan mythology it was changed to fit the needs of an imperial religion. The mythology lost it's original Pagan meaning.

honestly I think the church is Satan which has been binding men and women from their true self, truth, and knowledge for centuries by those way up top wanting to hide the truth from us for their own greediness.

Discussion starting is a sacred position, and only those with special training and certifications may start one. It is one of the site rules. I would think you, of all people, would know that. How plebian. Pish posh. Cheerio.

The term means enemy and can be assigned to any. Before Lucifer it was Sammael.


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