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I hope everybody participates.  This could be fun. Be nice.  I'll start.

Despite being American, I HATE American humor.  I love British humor and Japanese humor. I even thought the book Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux was funny.  But I don't too much care for American comedy.  Maybe some of it, but it seems like it keeps getting worse and worse until there is absolutely NO POINT in watching any American television. (In America's defense, tho, Japanese anime is getting worse as well.) 

Come to think of it, I also like Canadian humor.  But if I need to be more specific, I love the dark humor in Sherlock.  My favorite Japanese t.v. series is Beelzebub (which you could watch for free, legally with subtitles at crunchyroll.) 

But the way things are going, I may end up sticking with British shows.  Or I may just have to read comic books.  But nothing on t.v. is funny, anymore.  Not to me, just stupid or rude. But not funny. 

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A strange fact about myself is that I have a very patriotic love for my country (Ireland) and my language (Irish) and I'm very nationalist in that I despise the British occupation and subjugation of Ireland since the 12th century. But even though I think it's a crime that the majority of Ireland can only speak English, I have an immense love of the English language and English literature. I can compose stories and poetry more easily and more effectively in English and although I try to speak Irish as much as I can, I think English can be beautiful too and some English literary works are magnificent. These opposing views I have are weird and strange nuggets in my brain. :)

Agreed. Ireland should be a unified country. The Brits should keep their noses out. Cheers to the Republic of Ireland!

DIa agus bandia duit!  I love ghaeilge freisin!

A strange fact is that things have to be numerically even and pictures on the wall have to be straight and Symmetrical or it drives me Don't even get me started on ornament placement on the Christmas I know it sounds OCD, it probably is but luckily I can still fight the urge to fix things, unless it's in my house and then it's game

you sound like me... BAD BAD OCD.... lol..... i drive my hubby crazy lol.. but he is just as bad, or good.... my house is spotless..... yard OMGs.. one weed dare grown in his yard, he freaks out, the grass is always perfect....

Not sure if its a strange fact.... but i have a ghost who follows me around my house, he will drive with me in my car, and when im upset, he comes to me in dreams and tells me, "iam always here, just call on me"....i spent almost 2wks in the hospital, i had a heart attack, and needed a heart cath done, in the cath lab it got really cold, and the smell of flowers was so strong, the Doc said " whats going on, if i didn't know any better id think we had a ghost...

My 39 year old cousin died, and at his viewing, outside in the parking lot, i saw a white mist, it covered my car, and i knew my "ghost" was with me...

Wow that's very interesting. I sometimes feel presences and I usually say that my Gods are with me but I don't know if I've felt a spirit. If I may ask, do you know who this Ghost is or was and why he/she has chosen to follow you? :)

one night i fell asleep in my living room chair, and had a very life like dream, i asked a friend who did a lot with dreams about it, i dreamed his name (Jamie) and that he was killed in a war..... and when ever i need him he seems to come to me in my dreams...

Another strange fact about me is that I prefer foreign music over music in my own language. :/  My favorite bands are ONE OK ROCK and Versailles.  But well, there's always someone to translate :3

I like to wander off. I also like getting lost in buildings, and on the road. I deeply enjoy the challenges of finding my way back on my own. Another strange fact about me is that I smile/laugh at the wrong times. I consider it a disorder. One more strange fact is that I was kidnapped as a toddler in another state that I was visiting with relatives.

One strange, if not uninteresting fact about me is that for some reason I can only snap my fingers with my left hand, not my right. I am right handed though.

I can only snap my fingers on my left hand, too.  I'm ambidextrous, but was taught to use my right hand, so that one's dominant.


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