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So, how many of you legally changed their name when you changed religion\ faith? I know it's important to some people, kind of a thing of principle, and I read that occultists (not just them?) believe that the name makes the person, so how many of you, if any, changed your name, and why?

Me, I didn't, I was named after my grandfather. Whom he was named after, I don't know, but I'm sure that somewhere along the line, there was someone named after the christian saint. Could have been him, could have been the person he was named after, etc. Either way, my name is George, the name is of Greek origin, and was the Athenian epithet for Zeus, at least, based on what I read. The name itself means 'husbandman' or 'earth-worker' - Ge (Earth) + orgios (holder of ritual) - literally, 'Holder of (the knowledge of) Earth's ritual'. Personally, I think it's a good name, even if it's not Thracian\ Dacian (provided those are my ancestors).

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sure wish I had the money to do it and I would

but why?

There are many of us known as so and so a.k.a. ( magical name )...

I am one of those , after using it everywhere except for government forms

since listed on government forms that way...

It feels more "right" to me...

I guess some paths require that, but most don't.  There's no reason to.

My reason is reasonable..."it feels right"...

So , for some , there is a reason...

Now if you mean "legal reason"...yeah , agreed...;)

I am going to be legally changing my name for other reasons, but I do use the same "pagan name" when it comes to the online community. I'm sure I'd need to find a shortened version for actual real world interactions, but since I don't have any of the pagan nature yet.... Whatever shortened version may become my middle name, I don't know. 

when I was younger I hated my name, but don't we all! Now that I am older, I gotta say it suits me; Debra is "I think" Greek meaning busy, Ann is also Greek, I was told. Ann means Your purpose in life is to speak.

Literally "busy talker!" As anyone who knows me will tell you, I love to talk! As I get older, I try to make what I say important. I like giving a voice to people or things such as animals, that may not have one.


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