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Not sure what to make of something that happened last night!  I don't really tell anyone about my pagan beliefs, however I do have spiritual books in my bookshelf in the hallway.  Was at a friend's Birthday last night, her flatmate who has never been to my house or spoken to me before proceeded to tell me that her laptop and mobile phone were 'powered by witchcraft', and kept asking me strange questions and making bizarre comments so my friend has obviously seen things in my flat and gone back and told her flatmate?!  How and why do people feel the need to act like that?!

Sorry for the rant, but feeling a bit put out and feeling like I am now going to have to hide my interests even more which doesn't feel fair.  Some people are so narrow minded.  Think I need to meet some new people!

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I don't hide a thing..It is ok though everyone is different..I kinda think that when some people know nothing about some things criticizing and belittling people is there way of dealing with it....Which is to bad...To me people like that have limited room in my circle of friends..
That is a good one Rue...
I did, just replied with a nod of the head and 'Oh really? That's nice...' sort of comments! Just think it's peculiar that my friend has mentioned it to other people and not me. It was like being back in the playground, but we're all approaching 30! I guess some people never really grow up!!
.Has little to do with growing up,justy how to be the wiser,that's all,use it to your advantage and turn it around
Thank you for your kind words and advice! It was obvious that she was trying to be mean/funny and trying to make a fool out of me. Humans are strange creatures! So many people are locked in a mindset of trying make themselves seem/feel/look better than everyone else without even realising it, just think what they could achieve if they put all that wasted energy into something else.
So just be meaner or funnier,problem solved........or create a great banter with her to make her look like a twit. I throughly LOVE these situations,myself.....
Don't ever hide who you are or what your about! I would definately confront the friend in a positive manor. Obvioulsy your friend has an interest or why else would she be talking to others about it? As for the nut job and her laptop.... you could have befriended her like Dravenheart said. The more people know and understand our beliefs the more they will accept. This is what I believe.
Why the hell would YOU hide things about your path because of how another reacts or acts? Why didnt you just agree and say "of course they are powered by powerful witchcraft!" and enjoy it? Why live for what anyone else thinks? EMPOWERMENT EMMA! Try it!
Thank you everyone! I was considering moving my books to the bedroom but reading your replies and thinking about it more I shouldn't have to hide it or apologise for who I am. I could have tried to befriend her but she didn't seem like a nice person. After a couple of minutes she saw she wasn't getting a bad reaction, got bored and went off to talk to a different group of people. It was purely to try and make me look like an idiot, and I don't want people like that in my life. I will talk to my friend about it though because like you say, she's obviously interested.

I don't proactively tell people about my interests/beliefs because of the general reaction, but if someone showed a sincere interest and asked me I would happily talk to them about it. Do you all openly tell people? I think it is going to be a long time before pagan/wiccan beliefs are seen as 'normal'.
GOOD FOR YOU!! I'd so enjoy :'talking" with her.............These are the folks that simply make us stronger,more confident and powerful!
I keep my books in a closet, hidden from prying eyes. My teenage stepdaughter has friends over and I'd rather they not see my books. I'm in the closet, like my books, and if these kids saw my books, they'd in turn tell their parents and then the parents would probably shun my stepdaughter and not allow their kids to come over.

Only my husband, brother (who's Pagan), stepdaughter and son know I'm Pagan. If my Mom found out, and the rest of my family, I'd be bombarded with lectures constantly about losing my immortal soul. I'd rather not have to deal with the ignorance of other people. Explaining my religion would do no good. They'd only say I was being fooled by Satan. So I worship the God and Goddess in private.

I wish I could be more open. I could take the 'fallout' I'd receive, but I don't want my family to have to deal with the 'fallout'. I love them and don't want them to have to suffer for my beliefs. My other family would constantly be bothering them to try and 'talk some sense' into me and my stepdaughter's friend's parents would be leery about letting their kids associate with mine. Shouldn't be that way, but it is.

The gods understand why I'm still in the closet and I don't think they mind. Hopefully one day I can 'come out' and no longher need to hide. Blessings ...
Have you been freed yet?? All i have to do is stand there and people know who i am. Hiding is never an option,FOR ME.


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