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Not sure what to make of something that happened last night!  I don't really tell anyone about my pagan beliefs, however I do have spiritual books in my bookshelf in the hallway.  Was at a friend's Birthday last night, her flatmate who has never been to my house or spoken to me before proceeded to tell me that her laptop and mobile phone were 'powered by witchcraft', and kept asking me strange questions and making bizarre comments so my friend has obviously seen things in my flat and gone back and told her flatmate?!  How and why do people feel the need to act like that?!

Sorry for the rant, but feeling a bit put out and feeling like I am now going to have to hide my interests even more which doesn't feel fair.  Some people are so narrow minded.  Think I need to meet some new people!

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I know it!! I enjoy learning as much as I can,all different ways.
I use to hide my stuff also... Now every thing is out in the open my car my house even in the garden i have pagan stuff....
lol, Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN, u don't even have to anything to make someone think that. just letting them know ur pagan/wiccan will make them think that. but-- to make it funny (for us that is) u can always give them a 'look' to scare the pants off them. hehehe, that's always fun. if they aren't gunna listen then y not? lol!


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