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Nasa says our information on the stars is outdated and we're actually behind by a month from what we have been thinking. What does that mean? It means we may have been born under the wrong sign. In fact, you have been born under a sign you didn't know exists.
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Thoughts, comments, opinions? Did your sign change? Does it make sense? How does it change everything or does it change nothing?

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Why in the hell would anyone rely on a external force to tell them what their animal spirit or sign is?
Wtf is wrong with the sheeple.
(Laughing/ unattached)

Look in your dreams and you will find your spirit animal.. I lovw running on 4 legs but evwrytime i look up to the eagle i want to grow wings and fly
This topic has nothing to do with spirit animals. Someone somewhere a long time ago decided it would be a good idea to compare the personalities of people born under different signs. Your sun sign speaks of your personality, your inner self, the way you think. Spirit animals are completely different.


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