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I have an appointment to get my cat spayed but it won't be for two weeks an online search leads me to believe that wild carrot seed is an effective form of birth control for her. Has anybody used this for their pet, if so what were the results? Have you found any other effective natural cat birth controls?

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I am but I have an ignorant asshole staying with me(I won't bore you with the back story but I can't kick them out) who keeps leaving windows open and I don't want to risk an unwanted litter.
Miz Nature the not-pagan is correct, the only natural effective cat birth control is a door.

...cos you can't trust your little princess to make the boys were kitty condoms.

If I were you I'd keep her in a bedroom or a room the asshole doesn't go into while she's in heat.

Good Luck!
His Dad owns the place and I live here rent free, I don't want to burn any bridges if I can help it.
I'll never look at a Q-tip the same way again! lol
That's only to ease her pains and so she stops making annoying whines. It doesn't actually make her incapable of being mounted and impregnated.
that reminds me of a story about an ex-boyfriend. But I'll only tell that in person (because it really deserves to be told in person as it's really really funny).

But yeah, you can take your cat to the vet and have them do it for you.
Ya that actually works, my sister is a vet tech and told me about it.. but eww.. it would be kinda awkward to do it haha


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