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I’m looking for a coven that’s near me

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I did the group that I found close to me the owner hasn’t answered my email

You may have to start a coven.

I don’t know how

Start it off as a study group; you can get a feel for those involved before you commit to anything. At the beginning, some people will flake out, and it's better to flake out on a study group than it is to have it happen when you are starting a coven. Covens tend to have their own traditions, as well; with a study group, you all will be better suited to accommodate everyone's needs as well as make compromises due to the fact that there is, effectively, no hierarchy or power  structure other than the one that comes naturally when different personalities come together. From there you can build your coven. I hope this helps :)

Like do we read different books and stuff

Sure! That's what a study group is; this is great for beginners because each person in the group can read a different book or books with the focus of getting information about a specific topic for discussion at the study group; for example: you could focus on sacred space one week (or month depending on frequency of meeting) and each person can find out a lot of information by a survey of literature or using internet sources; when you next meet, everyone can discuss sacred spaces and compare notes; throughout the discourse, each member can then amend their notes and try to come up with a consensus as to what they think should be done. Hopefully, this way, you can avoid conflict.

Thank for the advice

You're welcome! :)

Hope you find an awesome group :)

My advise don't stroll underground, too many necromancers and vampires lol...


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