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I need a spell for this woman who isn't getting the point that my man has no interest in her. My man is too nice and doesn't try to pick fights. I had to confront this girl a month ago and tell her if I never found the love of my life she would definitely have a chance, but since he is with me I simply told her to suck it up and that's how life worked out.
My man showed me what she said today about how she talked to this recruiter about the USMC. How she plans to come out here in the area we live, told my man to look for cheap motels or studios. My man laughed at how pathetic she is trying to come here from Greece.
I need to put this chick in her place. I have a 1 and a half year old son, and I don't want this woman anywhere near him. She has even tried voodoo on me after confronting her. People who experienced crazy relationship stuff like this feel free to tell me what you did involving spells, chants etc.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

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Oh, honey, you don't need to put a "spell" on this woman.  What you do need, however, is to address THIS issue:  "My man showed me what she said today..."  Why the fook is your man in this woman's business so much? 

I have to admit I am with Nephele on this one , Haalcyone...

I am a man , 62 years old , and I am *generally* very nice...

But if I am *with* a woman , I am *with* her , and will tell

another woman in no uncertain terms what the situation is ,

and that she is not my choice to spend my time with...

If she is coming from Greece...c'mon , he has been in communication

with her long distance , obviously...WHY ?

Why has he , is he perpetuating communication ?

Is *that* nice to *you* and *your son* ?

No , I don't think so...something smells funny here ,

and I think it is his behavior...

Sorry to say , but if I was you , I'd be calling him an

asshole , not nice...if he is that much of a pushover ,

get ready for a long bumby ride of relationship...

Best to you...and yeah , I know plenty of spells...

But this needs emotional balls , not magic...good fortune !

Yeah if your husband is being "nice" to other women to the point that you're considering magick, then the problem is with your husband, not the other woman.

If he doesn't cut off communication with her 100%, then he's not interested in cutting her off, and that's disrespectful to you the mother of his kids, his wife. I'd say let her have him because he'll probably treat her the same way. Karma. Done.

Yeah , Chelsea...

And yet to me , forget karma...

That is a perfect example to your thread of when is it okay to harm ?

In this case , when both parties would deserve one another...;)

He does magick also. He is way more experienced than me. All he tells me is how everything is sensitive, and I don't understand what he does. Of course I don't understand because he thinks its alright to do this. What if she does come out here? My man if he sees something he wants in another persons spirit he takes it. He does it by distracting them, by saying all of this mushy stuff.

One word :

Man - ipulator

One word to say :


Why ?

He is *not* your man , and if he "is" , by your choice ,

and you want to "believe" he for the hills , with

your young one and learn how to make better choices...

That is all from me...again , best to you , but you are

deceiving yourself...wake up , before you regret it...

Cybil, your man sounds like a "catfisher" to me. How wealthy is this latest victim?

Instead of begging for spells, why don't you get a life instead?

Now , now , Sp....sorry , spelling was off...Blackbird...

We must play relatively nice...

We really are trying to help her...

If she is a stalker, you can call the police on her.  

"Your" man seems to know a lot abut what she's doing.  Why's that?

He should have cut off contact with her long ago.  Why hasn't he?

For all you know since your man is not confrontational, he's talking to her.  You know, "just to be friendly".  It's your man you need to talk to, not her.

Because he won't until he gets what he wants from her spirit. He is stubborn like that. I talked to him yesterday and he got all emotional on me.

BS.  Excuses from him.

There are thousands of other people in the world, but he's focused on her for usage?

No, he's just saying that to keep her coming around and boosting his ego.  Tell him to stop or else he can "stubborn" himself out to the curb.


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