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I need a spell for this woman who isn't getting the point that my man has no interest in her. My man is too nice and doesn't try to pick fights. I had to confront this girl a month ago and tell her if I never found the love of my life she would definitely have a chance, but since he is with me I simply told her to suck it up and that's how life worked out.
My man showed me what she said today about how she talked to this recruiter about the USMC. How she plans to come out here in the area we live, told my man to look for cheap motels or studios. My man laughed at how pathetic she is trying to come here from Greece.
I need to put this chick in her place. I have a 1 and a half year old son, and I don't want this woman anywhere near him. She has even tried voodoo on me after confronting her. People who experienced crazy relationship stuff like this feel free to tell me what you did involving spells, chants etc.

Thank you and Blessed Be.

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Yea; I'm familiar with the Twilight fanfiction works of "SnowDragonIceQueen".

hey succubabe 

You talking to me? :)

No one's talking to you Nephele :3

To Cybil, thank you for updating us on your decision. Sometimes members post questions and then either take no further interest in the matter or delete the whole thing when they don't like the way it is going. It is nice that you took the trouble to let us know. I wish you all the best for the future.

Do not forget to properly direct all conjured energy.
May your Qi accomplish your will.
Buona Fortuna! a bene placito!
Did you try the spell?


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