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I was wondering if there was any spiritual paths of the neutral type? feel im being drawn towards neutrality....are there any names for these paths?

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not much of a churchie kinda guy but i might check it out

lol....its been weighing heavy on my mind, i dont feel a need to pick a "side" really... i personally like all spirituality and beliefs, i do invocations, meditate etc


what is it? never heard of this

Instead of thinking of your chosen path as 'neutral', think of it as putting people and the world first. Call yourself a follower of good. When people ask, just say "I believe in people and that we are all connected and that we must all work together for a positive outcome. I believe we can achieve this through compassion and responsibility to each other and to nature."

Michelle i like that! but wouldn't being a follower of good be picking a side? or am i missing something?

who is this oppressor?

sure,  like i can choose to help someone or i can choose to not help, this is what i mean by neutral.  having a neutral stance when it comes to certain things, i can choose to be for the light or for the dark or neither at all kind of like being my own void i guess, does that make sense?   and yes i have heard its impossible to be neutral cause in the end im really just picking the side of the oppresser, but why must i be for or be against?

By 'sides' do you mean 'good' and 'evil'? Or do you mean something that no one in society can challenge as either? By stating that you follow good for the sake of human-kind, you are stating neutrality... BUT good and evil must be acknowledged equally in the craft... 

If you're timid when it comes to what I mentioned above, then state the following: "I'm a follower of justice. Human beings must all work together to achieve balance and productivity. We do this by practicing compassion and responsibility to each other. I acknowledge the light and the dark---because nature has both." 

Does that help? Instead of making it all about 'good' as I said before, make it about JUSTICE. 

I hope this helps!

I must admit, I'm a deep humanist myself. I'm sure some would say that my responses are rather biased, but seriously, what else matters besides humans and their relationship with nature? 

I'm just trying to help. Neutrality can be so broad and defining it can be challenging. 

Just don't limit yourself. The path of paganism involves both the light and dark---two sides of the same coin. Understand? 

Good luck!

light,dark and good and evil yes sides. i do acknowledge what you're saying very well and i do know nature has both and there must be a balance.  and i thank you for your help!  i do believe in justice for humanity and animal alike

I understand what you're talking about.

Basically you want to be like Switzerland. :-)


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