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Hello all, merry meet.
I am new here, not so new to this path ( been on it all my life). Its often hard to describe oneself to others for fear of judgment or not fitting in. Fortunately, I am an old man who has long ago given up the need to belong so here is what I am. I follow a path devoted a duel higher power, the Lord and the Lady. I seldom name them as they have many names and yet are nameless. I believe the dietys are desperate and joined. I follow a path that is naturalistic in form, some term it as green witch. Again, I don't really have a name for it as it, because no name thus far is it. Eclectic is close, except for when its not. I have been both solitary and covend. I have no preference time and the will of time decides. I am very ritualistic in that to me dedication shows devotion. I am a male for those that it matters. What I hope to get from this place is a connection to others so that I may share myself and beliefs without the need for ayrs. I have looked deep into the others world and was guided here for what that's worth. I have been taught and have learned to go with those gifts and guidence. I would very much like to eventually become pen pals ( actual pen and paper lol) or even eventually meet others. I suppose this is quit long for a first post, but hey it is what it is. Blessings.

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Thank you for the welcome!
So apparently I'm doing something incorrectly, why can I only see part of the thread and not all the comments including my own?

I am not trying to be weird...I really don't have to

But you do see at the bottom , page numbers ?

We are now on the second page , Stavros...

If that is not answer

No it was that I was looking from different section!
Thank you!


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