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We’re about two or three days from the New Moon (no-moon day) and I’m already having trouble getting out of bed in the morning. For Astrology and Calendar tracking the New Moon or the end of the New Moon is actually more important than the Full Moon since it’s the appearance of the first crescent after the New Moon that signals the start of the next cycle in a lunar calendar. Lunar calendars are older than Solar ones because the full cycle is more obvious.

While everybody talks about the effects of the Full Moon, I generally don’t hear anyone discussing the effects of the New Moon—except me, but I’ve always been weird. However, I’ve never actually asked if anyone has anything to say about the New Moon. We did have a discussion, I think last year, about the best time to approach Skoll and Hati, and it seemed to me the best time would be the dark of the New Moon, since they would not be busy with their chasing of the Sun and the Moon.

Are there other deities that relate to the New Moon rather than the Full Moon?

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I just posted a short story about Anat, the Canaanite goddess, in Blogs here on Pagan Space. At the end of the story Anat emerges from the dark side of the moon during a solar eclipse to visit Jesus on the cross. A solar eclipse is a new moon during which the three bodies, the sun, the moon, and the earth are more closely aligned than usual. Anat now resides on the dark side of the moon (according to my story) because of her defeat when she tried to protect the cities of Canaan from the Israelite invasion force. I feel very close to her, so I wonder whether my story is intuitively correct. The dark side of the moon is the side that faces us when we do not see the moon. The story is called "The Fateful Meeting of the Son of God and the Queen of Heaven".


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