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  Person to person call me Jonas, I take the craft name of RootSpiral. I am happy to announce that a new Wiccan Coven is forming in Saint Louis, MO. I am reaching out to anyone located in the Saint Louis greater metro area; we are looking for new members. If you end up deciding that you'd like to apply, let's handle that part by personal message, but I'll answer any questions anyone might have publicly via this discussion. 

  To try and save everyone some time, I've gone ahead and provided a fairly detailed description of who and what we are. Have a look, I am thrilled to be on this awesome site and look forward to meeting people!

    Blessed Be, -Jonas.

   -  As yet our coven has not decided upon a name, we want to increase our membership a bit further. At the moment there are four of us, I myself take the title of Shaman, as opposed to High Priest. We have a High Priestess, a Bard / Cantor and one additional full member who hasn't yet decided which if any leadership role they will assume. We also have an associate member who was one of my first teachers, they serve as an Elder / Mentor. 

   - Our coven shall be governed through a written canon of rules and these are presently in the process of being finalized. 

   - We are looking for leaders and are happy to create new leadership positions, if our members can find tasks which inspire them. We are specifically looking to fill the following "traditional" roles: Healer, Seer, First-Acolyte. Or, if you don't want the pressure of an official leadership role, that's fine. We refer to a "regular" members-in-good standing as Acolytes, or just as members.

  - Our coven is vaguely, and I do mean vaguely Gardnerian, but only by implication, we do not identify as such. This is only because we use some of Buckland's and Cunningham's material as templates.

  - At present, we meet on all eight festivals and on full moons as needed, we are also looking to schedule meetings for educational and crafting purposes.

  - The purpose of our coven is, and always will be, to practice our faith. At some point we may undertake some charitable or service ventures but that time has not yet arrived.     

  - We are looking for people who are comfortable identifying as either Wiccan, Pagan, Heathen, or other earth-centered faith / practice. 

  - Our group possesses strong shared values, however we are a non-political entity. We do not police our members' personal opinions or other affiliations but we do not support any specific candidates, political parties or platforms. Any attempts by any member to radicalize or indoctrinate along specific lines within the group won't be tolerated.

 - Our group exists outside of the system. There will be no incorporation, no tax exemption, no Universal Life Church, no budget and no assets. We have full accoutrements for beautiful altars, used on loan from the various members who own the items. We will thrive only if we can get along and if we can't, there will be nothing ($0.00) to argue over. The philosophy is simple; we're not in this to make or raise money. Either this should cost nothing, or we'll each loose negligible amounts to facilitate the Rituals or other activities, because that's what we value doing. 

 - Compared to some groups, we may well seem stiff and traditionalist, but please understand, we are people with profound senses of humor and we are not lacking in perspective. We have created this group because we value the structure, we value the tools and we value the roles. We've found our home here and we want to share it. Our group is less open ended than many others, but that does not make it Orthodox or inflexible. Far from it. Our rituals involve a lot of spontaneity and creative improvisation, but it is informed play. 

  - We do not describe our group as "family-friendly". Now what does that mean?

    - If you and/or your spouse are raising your children in the Craft, if they understand what is going on and are interested (of their own accord) in participating, we will examine that on an individual basis. This is not a coven where we're going to have children running around screaming or bothering their parents during rituals. This village does not raise children.

   -  Our group has not, and will not enact any ban on Skyclad practice during any private ritual, where it is legal to do so. At the time of this writing, none of us practice skyclad and I don't really see that changing, however we refuse to prohibit the practice. It's a personal thing. Clearly, if you do, the assumption is that you know how to be sane about it, our impulse it to be accommodating to it, where possible.

   - Absolutely 1000% NO pot or any other illegal drugs. It's not a discussion, drug use or possession at our events will result in immediate, automatic expulsion from the group. This is not a place to partake or to deal.        

  -  If it wasn't obvious, this coven is not a democracy. I am not trying to be crass, I just want to be clear about our leadership style. Decisions are made jointly by myself and our High Priestess. We stay on the same page about every issue. Our High Priestess and I are neither married nor in any other kind of romantic relationship. We absolutely do maintain an open door policy, we know how to listen. Any member may meet directly with us either alone or with both of us. We consult our membership before finalizing major decisions. Someone has to be in charge. In this coven, that's the High Priestess and myself.

  -  Our vision for this coven is to give people who are already experienced in the craft a place where they can really take their practice to the next level, whatever that may look like. Our current membership is currently made of men and women from their late 30's to early 50's. We're trying to focus on the Craft and filter out the distractions.

  Hopefully, this sounds like something which some of you will want to participate in. Again, feel free to reach out in any manner which suits you, whether that be by posting a question here or messaging me.

Blessed Be. -Jonas   

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Wow you sound like you have a great group! I was encouraged to read about you myself. I am a High Priestess and I would love to offer you spiritual support if you would accept it. Good Luck!

Thank you, we'll need lots of people to consult with, I appreciate it! :)

St. Louis, my hometown! Blessings from an Alexandrian STL native transplanted in Ireland.

By your description, could I assume this is more of an eclectic pagan coven? All the best in its formation, may you grow to your desired heights.

  I would not call us eclectic. We are vaguely Gardnerian. But that's only because we use some of Buckland's and Cunningham's rituals as templates, and they are descended from Gardner. But, we always end up chopping their stuff to pieces and replacing a lot of it with our own ideas. But that having been said, our rituals (which is the main reason why we meet) are pretty meat and potatoes. I can't think of anything we do that would even qualify as eclectic. This does not mean that we're boring, we're...consistent. You can participate in one of our rituals and be pretty confident that you're not going to be faced with something incomprehensibly internal to our group. In circle, we keep it basic. We save the advanced stuff for our own individual practices.


I am looking for this group but I have not been able to get in touch with anyone. I am a pagan in Stl and am overjoyed to see a group that seems to fit my needs. Is it still around?


Jonas, may I ask how to join this Coven? I'd love the structure, discipline and mentorship.

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, the site wasn't letting me send you more info until we're friends for some reason so I sent you a request. I'd be happy to provide more info if you add me.


I'm very interested in learning more about your coven, could someone please get in contact with me?


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