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For what it's worth: Yesterday I asked my tarot cards who will be the next US President. I drew the Queen of Pentacles, which I take to mean that Hilary Clinton will be elected and financial matters will be the biggest issue of her presidency. To clarify, I drew a second card, the Emperor. That's Bill Clinton all the way! They made a handsome couple. The cards, I mean.
Any thoughts? Anyone else have tarot results for this question?

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oh gods i hope not. she's such a lie-ing POS it's unreal!

then again pretty much anyone in a governmental position above a  rural  elementary school board is as far as  i can see. either thieves,  liars or both. but  no. not EVER  hilary. 

Lol! I'll ditto that! She's a queen, alright...Queen of Frankenfood!

What if it turns out to be a Warren/Sanders winning ticket? People are just going crazy for Bernie. Everywhere he is scheduled to speak they have to run out and rent a bigger hall for him to speak in. He's the people's candidate, sponsored by Anonymous, even, I have heard.

I adore Bernie Sanders!!!  Always have.  You're so right that he's the 'people's candidate'!  I'm voting Bernie...hope we can get enough $ & support going to make him a real contender against the "Queen".  Yes, she's a woman, but she's too big money/1%er for me.

Here, here!

I'm voting for Bernie Sanders even though he has a snow ball chance in hell of getting past the electoral college and the democratic big wigs.

Maybe if enough people vote for him then maybe...just a slim maybe the new president will actually try to do some of the stuff that actually needs done instead of what the political machine wants done.

Here, here!

It could mean that Trump and Palin are going to win.
Personally, I think Trump is a mole candidate, who secretly works for the Clintons. He's like a grenade that the GOP is playing hot potato with. When you look at how much money he had given to the Clintons over the years and taken very Democrat stances in the past, you have to wonder.
The card that best represents Donald Trump is not the Fool, but the reversed King of Pentacles (Coins, Discs, etc). According to Tarot Plain and Simple by Anthony Louis, (my go-to Tarot reference book) the K of P reversed means "lack of business sense" and "vulgarity". Trump is not a good businessman, he just plays one on TV. The book also says the card may indicate "an uninteresting, materialistic, opinionated, bigoted, superficial person".

Problem with Tarot and looking into something like a election is people are crazy. Plus you tend to see more of what you want out of a self reading even if it is like this. You try to place the symbolism to fit the outcome.

Oh, I agree. Tarot, and all other forms of divination, reveal the present moment, not the future. That it is about "telling the future" is the biggest misconception people have about it. I do not often ask for prediction of future events when casting cards. When I do, as in this case, it's for the curiosity value.
Having said that, I cast cards to predict the last three presidential elections, and in every case, the results proved true.


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