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For what it's worth: Yesterday I asked my tarot cards who will be the next US President. I drew the Queen of Pentacles, which I take to mean that Hilary Clinton will be elected and financial matters will be the biggest issue of her presidency. To clarify, I drew a second card, the Emperor. That's Bill Clinton all the way! They made a handsome couple. The cards, I mean.
Any thoughts? Anyone else have tarot results for this question?

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Yeah. "if all things remain the same...", is a well worn lead-off in reading; and, they never stay the same, so... ;)

The Donald has gotten a lot of bad press here in Mexico because of his statements about Mexico and its people that migrate to the United States. El Chapo is like a folk hero to some people in Mexico and when he threatened The Donald on Twitter it gained Trump even more press time. People here can tell I'm a gringo and they ask me about Trump from time-to-time. They want to know what I think about him and if he will get elected President.

I did a tarot reading asking the cards if Trump would win the presidency. It said his chances were good but that Hillary was his biggest obstacle. The reading led me to believe that Trump would win the Republican nomination and Hillary would win the Democratic nomination.

The future is not written in stone and there are variables that can sway an election.

I'm an intuitive card reader and did four pyramid spreads to get all of this, so that said, Clinton gets the democratic nomination and Bush gets the republican nomination and it's a horse race with Jeb getting elected by a slim margin. So the people of the U.S are screwed either way.

Clinton could take the cake if she can buy enough electoral college votes but with the Koch brother purse on Bush's side he can out bid her but it's close because some in the electoral college actually vote with a conscience and not because they are bought .

The first year of Bush administration does a lot of damage to social programs but then the congress is won by the democrats and they spend two years fighting and get basically nothing done of any use to the people of the U.S but the foreign countries absolutely love them. Bush's fourth year is clouded by personal issues that go public and he doesn't do a second term.

In 2020 we get a female vice president, who then becomes president not sure how but see her stepping up, not even sure if it's in the same term she's elected or not.
Bernie Sanders would win if people would get off their hiney's and push to remove the electoral college but that won't happen because people are lazy and don't want to put the work in to accomplish it. Also the political machine doesn't want to loose control of the elections to a well informed unpredictable public one person one vote public because then they would actually have to work for the people and not all the special interest groups that hands them money hand over fist. 

I think the only one who might be even slightly interested in ditching the electoral college would be Sanders and if the electoral college is his downfall, he won't get to propose a one person, one vote election method especially since he will no longer be a congressman either because of his bid for president.  Sort of a vicious circle, isn't it?

IMO there is no good reason to continue the electoral college into the 21st Century.  It is, in the light of modern electronic communications, outdated, also hopelessly corrupted, and certain to stay that way...but then, you already know that. 

Maybe she will admit she does inhale, and did not know a b****** is considered sexual intercourse either.
Do you think she gives b*******?
I don't know from personal experience. I am just a cunning linguist.
I refuse to choose the "lesser of two evils".

I hope not, tbh. I really don't trust the Clintons but I would rather have her in power than Trump. I really like Sanders more so.


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