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As I'm sure you are aware tonight is the Solstice and eclipse of the Moon. During the eclipse the moon will/might turn blood red. In the past 2000 years this has happened only once-Dec 21, 1638. Many think that tonight is a time of occult significance beyond the ordinary. Some say that evil magicians will be trying to birth some nasty thing or other. (The Solstice is the time of birth.) Some Christians think that it's the time of the rapture. Anyway, it might be helpful if you protect you and yours and send out positive energy in an effort to counteract any negativity. An interesting discussion of this can be found at Thought you might be interested. Blessed Be.

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Everyplace I checked says that the solstice and lunar eclipse is tomorrow, Tuesday the 21st... unless you'r somewhere close to the international date line and today for me is tomorrow for you.

That reminds me...


How we gonna pay... how we gonna pay... how we gonna pay, last years rent?!


ps: Sorry, the "bursting into song" thing happens to me at this time of year...

The Eclipse starts just after 1 AM est in the US

Lady Ada, it Started at 12:29am ESST and we are in Florida, my Daughter took Screen Shots of it, almost 30 of them and said she got one bright Red one from a Florida sight as she was monitoring 3 different sites. When I get up I will post the Pic's for you all. She said they were all great and between going outside with me she would come in to to get new Pics of it..


Blessed Yule to you all,


refer to the following.. has good info on the time and place

Ive been looking foward to this for awile. All blood magic and curses are gonna be fucking awsome! This is a time for fucking negativity, people are gonna die! sow some chaos, let your hair down, buy two hookers and make them fight each other. This is a time to be wicked and have fun


Star? nope my last name is Johnson. Pretty boring and common name if you ask me


Yeah I am going todo some prayers for the world and us. Iadmit it I was super tempted  to get back at  people too...  Butthat's just rotted beleive me they deserve it.... But I decided to just  send out postive  Energy instead....  The world needs more  positive energy...

According to the 2010 Alminac the lunar eclipse, winter solstace and full moon are all on dec 21st visible to most of north america.

I myself plan to do my first dedication on that night. I've got it all planned out... It's gonna be cold though lol

end of the world is already here lol

I dont believe in endings... only infinate new beginings

Personally I am excited. I am celebrating Yule over two days. Today I am doing prayers and leaving food out in my favorite wooded spot in preperation for the rebirth of the horned god. Tonight I am going to leave a bowl of water out to be blessed by Diana. Then I am going to put the bowl on my alter. On Yule I am going to light candles.


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