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I had a horrible dream bout my three children the other night, at first I figured it was nothing but it still haunts me so I need more opinions bout it. I did wonder if maybe its a pregnancy dream since im currently 6 weeks. Ive had dreams that told me things but I cant figure if this one was what is it trying to say. any way this is my dream

I was coming back down from a type of attic tower I cant remember why I was up there but I wanted to check on my boys I come down to the kitchen which is exactly like mine in real life. there in the middle of the floor lies my three boys under the cover hiding something they took knowing they shouldn't have (which is very normal) but I looked around and the cover is full of blood the floor is bloody, I pull the cover and the boys start running I grab knives like four or five knive and dump them in the sink the knive covered in blood, one of my twins had slice his arm to the point it was barely on him my youngest had his side of his chest sliced up and my oldest twin his hand was completely cut off they had more stab wounds but those stuck, I was frantic looking for my oldest hand screaming like a mad man looking every where telling everyone we need to find it before its to late we need his hand fresh so we can attach his hand back I was thinking how I already did this to his twin so I know it can be done but I couldn't find his hand I started screaming some more thinking he will grow up with no left hand I woke up in sweats and in tears.

I don't know what this dream was about but it scared me.

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will any of your children be leaving home.  are you afraid of being seperated from your kids?


My son left for boot camp a week ago.  So far, I've had (2) drowning dreams.  I get the psychology of it, still its unnerving.  

They are 4 and 3 years old, im pregnant and my boys wont be habing the same father as this baby i am a fraid that this family will love this baby more because its actually blood related my fiance assures me they will love my boys just as much as the baby but i still scared and next year my twins will be 5 and have to start school could any of those be a case for the dream?

Sorry if it doesnt make sense im replying with my phone
Are you having this dream frequently?
No just that time but i cant forget it its always on my mind fot example i can be havinh a great time playing ball with my boys and flashes of those dream come back so ill get scared then i just hug my boys
I don't think you have anything to worry about then. It's just a bad dream. Don't turn it into a self fulfilled prophecy.


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