My browser is warning me this site is no longer secure.

It also seems that the site is lacking any real moderation or Admin involvement nowadays.

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Norton Internet Security recognizes the site as safe. Certain browser configuration falter with the scripts running on this site. My browsers and their configurations have no problem. As far as admin involvement, the level they chose to participate is their business. They do seem to be approving new members and new events on a daily basis.


The "Not Secure" warning is because the site doesn't support SSL so our conversations are not encrypted. The URL is using straight HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS. It is not a commentary on the people running the site other than they didn't want to pay for an SSL Certificate for the server.

HELLO! ;) Hows everyone doing?

Don't worry, I mean what could they actually do knowing we are here already lol....


True I guess, just being paranoid.


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