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I'm brand new here, and confused. I am an empath. I can converse with animals easily, and make babies see things. I am in tune with nature, and can sense hauntings and the like. I'm not sure what my path is, but I enjoy gardening and crystals. I've walked my dogs in a certain park for years and have always known that in one area in particular, there's elementals and a witch's spirit. Last week I decided to declare my paganism to said folk, since I decided that I've been a sort of witch my whole life. Before I got to the area the spirit resides, I was tripped. I got up, shook off the dirt and realized I lost my car keys. I searched around for them, the whole time hearing the beings mocking me, not unfriendly, just a sort of "haha, some witch you are!" I haven't returned to the site, but left my information in case the keys are found. I'm planning on returning tomorrow. Should I go alone, without the dogs? Should I prepare in some way? Please help.

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Take the dogs, their sense's are more acute. do not look at anything, observe everything.

 Just a suggestion.

I will definitely observe everything, but not focus on any one thing. Thank you!
Have you considered dowsing with a pendulum around the place where you lost your keys?
I've actually had a few dreams about where I'll find them, so perhaps a pendulum will help! I've played around with them before. Thank you so much!
I've always felt friendly with these beings before! Like I said, I've walked through there for years... I can't even say what I tripped on.... I just flew through the air, and dropped like a rock. I think you're right though, going there without the dogs would be better. I know one of my dogs would do fine, although he gets impatient, and wouldn't want to just sit there... But I can't take one without the other two, so alone it is. Another person suggested a pendulum, and I think it will come in handy for communication, since I sometimes use one to play games with my spirit guides. I thank you all for your support and advice. After I posted my problem I started to wonder if you'd all think I was crazy. But you seem to be understanding.
I recemend visiting that place in your dreams and locate the keys in your dream... .
Chances are you are going to see the true form of the entities that reside there.
You always see the true form with your dreamining eyes
Thank you. If I don't stumble upon my keys today, I will definitely try that. I'll probably try it anyways, to see who it is exactly that I sense.

Count your blessings>

So, I did go back... I've spent a few days pondering over what happened?! I returned to the sight of where I lost my keys. I went backwards, meaning, dogless, I walked towards the way I usually come from. For some reason I set my eyes on a sunny patch I've never noticed before. Having come from the wrong direction, you notice a lot of differences. I said a prayer to all that be the whole way, I'm new to this, so that's how I address everything. But I also kept in mind the beings I know, from walking through this area. They were first. I asked for forgiveness, and most of all friendship. It didn't take long. I also want to note I offered a capful of honey mixed with rum, that I carried explicitly for this purpose... I know people don't like offering alcohol, but I'm okay with it, here. Immediately they came. It was so strange. I kept my head low to the ground with no focus, but the earth was breathing. I looked up and saw faces in everything. Leaves, trees trunks, dirt, haystacks, rocks, they were everywhere. I could tell who the king was, I can't really determine his sex, but he doesn't mind being called he, so he says. He told me, "hello, yes we recognize you, but we dislike humans." And in my head I got a picture of trash. Then he said mentally "you're different" and unfortunately a squirrel changed the subject and my new found friend lapsed back to wherever it is they hide without showing who they are, but with a great laugh. I did, however, clean up all the garbage on the route out. As well as all the other garbage I've found wandering aimlessly with out trying to contact said beings again. Because I don't really know what to think. I am overwhelmed. Even after a week.... WOW can it be? Really? Faeries, in a sense...

 Last week I decided to declare my paganism to said folk, since I decided that I've been a sort of witch my whole life. 

Perhaps they weren't interested in hearing your personal news.  Keep it to yourself next time.  

Good short story. Try making a couple of sets of car keys, and flip them "the bird" when you leave.


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