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Can't wait because of Halloween and walking dead comes back.

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"It's the most wonderful time...of the year" lol

Yes it is my brother

Sister lol

Oops sorry wolfie my mistake

No prob lol

Hell, live in the now brother, we haven’t even hit the fall equinox yet. I’m going back to the beach in Galveston tomorrow. I do look forward to the cooler temperatures of October though. It has been a long hot summer for my friends and I. But summertime is my time so I can’t complain too much.

First must come the day of fall, but yes, it is soon! And I love the fall time of year. October is a wonderful month indeed! Halloween... The Walking Dead... Supernatural... can't wait!


Im so over summer! its not my time of year. I like Fall, actually my grandson and daughter in law brought me Halloween presents already :D

Hi you are so lucky to have loving offspring.

I'm with you! Summer is the absolute worst down south. I'd gladly hand it over for year-round autumnal temperatures. <3

I used to live in the south so I agree


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