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I'm going to start growing potatoes soon and I'm planning on getting a Freyja dryad statue for it. I want to make offerings to Freyja for fertility.

What would be some good offerings to leave her?

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Why would Freyja be in the form of a dryad statue? She's not greek nor a roman nymph. As for offerings since its spring..try and get a hold of birch branches before their leaves sprout (old symbol for fertility) Also an offering of fresh milk (in this case cold). You can also try and make something with milk, maybe a pastry or pancakes in a heart shape? 

I know what pantheon she's from! I was talking about Dryad Designs. They make awesome Norse statues, I have Odin and Thor

Haha yeah that is too funny. I didn't even know that dryad was another name for nymph.

She is fond of love songs.

Honey seems to be popular choice as well.

AH!  Honey is a fantastic idea.  And I've been looking for some nice Odin and Freyja statues for my altar that didn't cost an arm and a leg, and Dryad Designs have some pretty decent ones.  So two wins with seeing this post, thanks, everyone!  

On a related note, I called upon Odin, Freyja and Thor recently to help me create a protection bind rune and i made an offering of the best mead in the area.  Made of honey, of course, so I guess that works for both.  

Cheapest statues I've found were $50+ a piece at Medieval Collectibles online store. I have seen busts for $40 at Rustic Dragon treasures.

Instead of making offerings to gods and goddesses may I suggest you make an offering to Mother Nature?
When it comes to potatoes she loves the following at 1 kg per 10 sq meters:
Ammonium Nitrate (34% N).
Single Super Phosphate (19% P2O5).
Potassium sulphate - (50% K2O). 

The ratio of the above should be 21:58:21

Good luck, have fun and always remember that a kind word to the plants DOES work.

:)  Good point.  

sweet apples, and honey cakes


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