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Oh oh .. All the hype and now no one can find the Oil

BP Oil Spill?

Has Anyone Seen the Oil That Spilled into the Gulf?

Who I wonder was responsible for this one ... Can we say, oops? Lost the oil did we?



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I hope it's not in the clouds...
lol .. all that hot air..
Oil does have this tendency to evaporate. For some information on this, look here:
and here (Warning, PDF):
This link talks about how the dispersal of oil is calculated:
This link talks about the biodegradability of oil:

Note: "Evaporation is the most important change that most oil spills undergo. In a few days, light crudes can evaporate as much as 75% of the starting oil mass and medium crudes up to 40%. Heavy or residual oils may only evaporate to the extent of 10% in the first few days following a spill. Many spill models incorporate evaporation as a component of their prediction because of the large mass balance changes." (From the link)

It seems to me that the toxic chemicals are still there, and the slick is still very-much a threat, given that oil is still spilling into the gulf from BP's well.
So you're wondering where all that oil went well Not necassarily my favorite source, but the data is still valid.
It was my understanding that the bacteria which consume the oil from all the natural seeps in the ocean floor are thriving, if they don't dump a bunch of toxic chemicals into the slick it would clean itself up. I don't know much about it, I'm a hermit in the mountains, but the usual doomesayers are always present. Oil floats on water, it doesn't go 'down' anywhere, and this is prime pure crude as it comes from the ground. Mother Earth can take care of herself, it is only a matter of time. I put my trust in Goddess long before government.


Washington (AFP) - Around two million barrels of oil from the BP spill off the US Gulf Coast in 2010 are believed to have settled on the ocean floor, according to a study Monday.

The fate of two million of the nearly five million barrels that gushed into the open waters has remained a mystery until now, said the findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal.

Researchers analyzed samples collected at more than 500 locations around the Macondo Well, where the leaked oil emerged, and found it had spread widely, settling down like dirt in a bathtub.

The oil was found to have spread as far as 3,200 square kilometers (1,235 square miles) from the site, and may have gone even further, the report said.

"Our analysis suggests the oil initially was suspended in deep waters and then settled to the underlying sea floor," said the study by the University of California, Santa Barbara; the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in Massachusetts; and the University of California, Irvine.

Researchers came to this conclusion by studying seafloor sediment cores for residual hopane, a hydrocarbon that comes from crude oil.

That which wasn't cleaned up, evaporated or dispersed is now a tarry goo under the sediment of the sea bed.

"BP Oil Spill?

Has Anyone Seen the Oil That Spilled into the Gulf?"

It mixed with fukushima, needles, and plastic water bottles.

I thought the Mexican drug cartels took it. They are always ripping off oil from Pemex.

Mexican cartels steal billions from oil industry


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