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After careful research and studies regarding the process's that come into drawing circles, one may ask why go thru all the process's of calling elements and angels when it can be done by a simple sign or word. Let's face it calling Elementals and corners in a sitch can take time and sometimes when you have that spirit bothering you or that person throwing the evil eye your way, there is not enough time to protect yourself when it really counts.

The solution to this problem is to draw one circle and attach it to a piece of jewelry or ring, or even store it in the astral with a code word that you can say that opens it in times of need or whenever you just feel like throwing down a quick ritual on your break at work. Let's face it we are all people who have lives and our space should be sacred at all times, because why walk on corrupted ground when it can be clean all the time. That will cut down on negative entities coming into your space when you don't want them too. With the on call circle method there would be no need to call another corner or elemental again. And if you are so inclined you can draw the circle into a sigil and keep it in your pocket for even easier means if you don't want it tied to your jewelry.

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Your forum post is similar to Lady Shadow's recent blog post. King-of-sort-of anyways.

Lady Shadow: I Am My Circle

I can recall some years ago an inventor came up with a `pop up  plastic Altar` so Pagans living in today's fast pace world would not have to take the physical time up in setting up an Altar to the Gods?

That idea fell flat on its face, and rightly so, if we wish to commune with the Gods, then a little of what we can offer in reality and respect, is the time taken to create that circle, and address the Gods and the elementals in a respectful and decent way.

Todays folk want everything now, now, now at a push of a button, or swipe of an app.

Yeah, what happened to foreplay?

Sadly its become an `App` somewhere to be found among taking a selfie and completing the act of union?


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